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Fear Effect fear.gme: End of Game and Powerful Character Quentin Reese
Right before the final boss. Hana has 2 .90 pistols with 106 bullets, 2 submachine guns with 206 bullets, an assault rifle with 80 bullets, and a shotgun with 40 bullets.
  Final Fantasy IV ff4jend.gme: End of Game Joseph Witham
For the Japanese Final Fantasy Collection. At the last save point in the game. All characters level 60 and above. All spells learned. Most characters have their best equipment(Ragnarok, Masamune, Artemis Bow and more). Over 60 Elixirs, 15 Hell Shurikens, and the Kitchen Knife.
Final Fantasy Anthology (V and VI) ffa.gme: End of Game and Powerful Character Patrick Brand
Final Fantasy V saved game right before last boss. Final Fantasy VI saved game with maxed out characters right before last boss. System file for fully unlocked Omake mode.
Final Fantasy Anthology (V) ff5.gme: End of Game and Powerful Character Sir Blaze
Three saves: one six hours into the game, one ten hours into it, and the other near the end. All classes are unlocked in each, and the characters are way too overpowered.
Final Fantasy Anthology (VI) ff7aerisdeath.gme: Interesting Scenes Chris Gallen
Five saved games at various points throughout the game. See GME file for information about each save.
  Final Fantasy VI omake.gme: Interesting Scenes t.sakurambo
Unlock for omake mode of the Japanese PSX Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy VII ff7.gme: End of Game and Powerful Character Various
A variety of save games near the end of the game and with powerful party members.
Final Fantasy VII ff7debug.gme: Interesting Scenes Rydel
Game saved in secret Debug Room. Great for people without Gamesharks!
Final Fantasy VII ff7dates.gme: Interesting Scenes Crono & Dekar
Four saved games at the Gold Saucer, one for each potential date: Aeris, Tifa, Yuffie, and Barret.
Final Fantasy VII ff7aerisdeath.gme: Interesting Scenes Chad Jonas
A saved game right before Aeris' untimely demise.
  Final Fantasy VIII ff8-j.gme: End of Game and Powerful Character AndrewV
A variety of save games near the end of the game and with powerful party members.
Final Fantasy VIII ff8best.gme: End of Game and Powerful Character AndrewV
Extremely powerful save near the end of Disc 3. Character are: Squall (100), Irvine (100), Rinoa (100), Selphie (53), Quistis (48), Zell (47). Every character has his or her best weapon. All GFs obtained and all GF abilities learned, including a few "secret" abilities from GF Ability Medicine such as MiniMog and Counter Damage. Excellent magic Junctions with many powerful spells junctioned to statistics. Tons of rare items, GF Ability Medicine, and ammunition. Rinoa has all Angelo skills. Squall has all Renzokuken. Zell has all Duels. Quistis has 12/16 Blue Magic. 145 total cards; 91/110 unique cards. Odin obtained. Level 100 Chocobo. SeeD Rank A. Card Club event completed. Head to Lunatic Pandora and complete the game!
Final Fantasy VIII ff8chocobo.gme: Powerful Character AndrewV
A Level 100 Chocobo, perfect to copy to your own PocketStation and transfer into your game.
Final Fantasy VIII ff8english.gme: Interesting Scenes AndrewV
15 saved games at various locations; see included text file for descriptions.
Final Fantasy VIIIff8debug.gme: Interesting ScenesM.
Save in the Debug Room.
Final Fantasy Tactics fft.gme: End of Game and Powerful Characters Kaji Ryoji
At end boss with almost all characters at level 99 and with all secrets including Cloud and Materia Blade.
Final Fantasy Tactics fft.gme: End of Game and Powerful Characters EMMA
At the last save point in the game (not stuck on the last battle like most saves) with all secrets revealed, level 99 characters, and a great team including three 3-headed dragons at level 99 (the best characters in the game).
  Front Mission 2 fm2.gme: End of Game and Interesting Scenes Buzz
Various interesting saves throughout the game, including one on Mission 30 and another right before the brief final mission.
Front Mission 3 fm3final.gme: End of Game Bill
This save has the last 4 possible save points of the Emma Version, plus a save to start a new game with all the previous battle skills.
Front Mission 3 fm3alisa.gme: End of Game Quentin Reese
Three Front Mission 3 saves; one at a hundred hours, one is the ending for the Alisa missions, and the last is to begin the game again.
Grandia grandia.gme: End of Game Cole Smith
Final party is at the final save point. Characters have some of the best weapons and armor, most Moves and Spells learned, including the all-important Heaven and Earth Cut (Justin) and End of the World (Feena).
Grandia grandiaend.gme: End of Game Ryan Frank
At final save point with Justin at max weapon and magic levels. Feena and Rapp are at about 50 magic and weapon. Liete at about 33 or so. Have all skills except Feena's 99 water, 99 wind spell.
Granstream Saga granstream.gme: Powerful Character Troy Syms
Begin game at first save point with max HP, max MP, max LP, max AT, max DF, all Weapons, all Armor, all Shields, all Scepters, 99 Elixirs, and $99,999.
Kagero: Deception 2 kagero.gme: Powerful Character Peter Chung
Game finished four times with four different endings. All traps including the powerful 'suzeo' trap.
Kartia kartia.gme: End of Game Andrew Paradiso
Toxa Level 8/Chapter 10/Episode 19/TURN-- After the battle. All weapons,items,and text up to this point.
Kartia kartia-b.gme: End of Game Vincent Vecchione
This file has Clear saves for both Toxa and Lacryma, a save before the last battle for each, and a save at the end of the last battle for each.
King's Field kingsfield.gme: End of Game Nate Mcguire
A pumped up game with all swords (even Moonlight Sword) and access to the last boss. Level 55. Magic power 160.
King's Field 2 kingsfield2.gme: Powerful Character PSInferno
Experience 11484. Level 21.
Legacy of Kain lokain.gme: End of Game Sir Blaze
Near the end of the game.
Legend of Dragoon lod.gme: End of Game and Interesting Scenes Sir Blaze
Three saves: One at the very end, one before entering the moon, and one just before fighting the last boss, with a battle party of Dart, Rose, and LAVITZ SLAMBERT!
Legend of Legaia legaia.gme: End of Game and Powerful Character Various
A variety of save games near the end of the game and with powerful party members.
Lunar: Eternal Blue Demo lunar2demo.gme: Powerful Characters Dark Sven
At the end of the demo with all characters maxed out.
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete lunar-perfect.gme: End of Game Matt Dunkirk
During the epilogue with all thirteen rare bromides. Also comes with a rememberizer to view all the anime throughout the game. Meet at the port for the very end of the game; when the credits are done you can listen to all the outtakes.
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete lunar.gme: Powerful Character InterAct Hacking Crew
Start the game at max level. Also two other saves a bit further into the game, with max stats.
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete lunar-b.gme: Interesting Scenes Chris
A variety of saves at different points in the game, from setting sail for Meribia to before and after the final boss.
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete lunar-c.gme:End of Game Mike Drucker
A variety of saved games near the end of the game.
Megaman Legends mmlegends.gme: End of Game Henry Grabowski
Saved in Town Hall with every weapon completely powered up. Access to final boss.
Metal Gear Solid mgs.gme: Powerful Character Various
Start new game with all secret items on Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulties. All VR Missions unlocked.
Metal Gear Solid mgs.gme: End of Game ky
Save spot at Metal Gear Rex without having given up in torture chamber.
Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions mgsvr.gme: Powerful Character PEEKOID
105.0% of the VR missions complete.
Monster Rancher monsterrancher.gme: Powerful Character Bomer
This save includes, a dragon, a henger, a zombie, a nya, an ape, a naga, a ghost, a disk, and a doodle, all maxed out in every aspect. Also you are a Master Breeder, have max money, max wins, and no losses.
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