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Game File and Type Contributor
Vandal Heartsvh.gme: End of GameKyle Peplow
Vandal Hearts save at last battle, with Ash as god-like Vandalier.
Vandal Heartsvandal.zip: Interesting ScenesVincent Vecchione
Many saves scattered throughout the entire game.
Vandal Hearts 2vandalhearts2.gme: Powerful Characters and End of GameBill Beisel
This save is at the very end. Every player is at level 52 or greater with all the best weapons and armor.
Wild Armswa.gme: End of GameMichael Kelehan
All tasks completed, all party members at level 50.
Wild Armswa-zed.gme: Interesting ScenesMcKaskey
Right before fighting Zed as Monster Z.
Wild Arms 2wildarms2.gme: End of Game and Interesting ScenesSir Blaze
Four saves: one near the Alchemic Plant, two near the end, and the end game file to watch the cinemas.
Xenogearsxeno.gme: End of GameSkarsol
Save point just before the final boss.
Xenogearsxeno.gme: Powerful CharacterTroy Syms
Begin at level 70 w/all Deathblows up to 6 AP, most of Fei's abilities, near-max stats, $9,999,999, and 693 of all types of Drive.
Xenogearsxeno.gme: Interesting ScenesChubbs
Save points at various places throughout the game.
Xenogearsxenodebug.gme: Interesting ScenesM.
Save in the Debug Room.
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