11.21.01 Final Fantasy XI website launches
    Humes young and old invited to learn more about Square's latest venture.
10.24.01 Square reveals yet more Final Fantasy XI details
    The slow trickle of details continues to do just that.
10.20.01 Square reveals new Final Fantasy XI details
05.22.01 Final Fantasy XI to require monthly fee
   Better start saving...
04.23.01 Square trademarks "Gummy Block"
   New title seems to be attached to a PlayOnline-based game.
04.23.01 Final Fantasy XI to include TetraMaster
   Final Fantasy IX's card game to appear as part of PlayOnline browser package.
04.17.01 Final Fantasy XI to stay on PlayStation 2 and Windows
   Details from Square's financial report.
01.22.01 Square goes crazy at strategy conference
   23 games in development, 11 remakes, Final Fantasy XII to be offline, GameBoy Advance titles possible, Sakaguchi gives up directing duty for the first time in Final Fantasy history - and more.
01.21.01 Sakaguchi discusses Final Fantasy's future
   Final Fantasy XII "might" be offline, Final Fantasy XI to incorporate strong story -- are you people happy now?
05.12.00 E3: PlayOnline commercial screenshots
   Unintentional humor at is finest.
05.11.00 E3: Squaresoft PlayOnline movie impressions
   Starring three young and spunky English actors, Square's E3 booth theater pushes their broadband PlayOnline network.
03.31.00 TGS - Square Japan talks PlayOnline with the GIA
   Pricing, communication details emerge on Square's ambitious online strategy.
03.06.00 Final Fantasy IX, X, and XI receive updated release dates
   FFIX to hit Japan in July, X and XI still arrivng in 2001 on PS2.
02.18.00 Sakaguchi discusses Final Fantasy IX, X, XI
   Famitsu magazine sits down to interview Square's Hironobu Sakaguchi, discussing the future of Final Fantasy and the international PlayOnline network.
02.08.00 More on Square's PlayOnline network
   U.S. and Japanese players to share one gaming network.
01.29.00 Square Millennium update: "Play Online" network
   Square outlines plans for a broadband, comprehensive online network for gaming, the Internet, and more.
01.29.00 Final Fantasy IX, X, XI, Movie details
   Final Fantasy IX medieval, "not realistic at all"; Square focuses on online future.
Final Fantasy XI