11.30.00 Lunar 2: Eternal Blues release date finalized
   No, really!
11.13.00 Lunar 2: Eternal Blue packaging finalized
   With mini-standees in tow, Huzzah!
08.03.00 Working Designs delays Lunar 2, Arc the Lad Collection; announces PS2 launch title
   A time to delay, a time to announce.
07.17.00 Eternal Blue delayed; punching puppet Ghaleon in stores now
   Lunar 2 may not be hitting store shelves any time soon, but Working Designs will make sure you have a toy to play with in the mean time.
06.29.00 Lunar 2 demo early impressions
   An in-depth look at the first third of Working Designs' Lunar 2 demo disc.
06.02.00 Vanguard Bandits, Lunar 2 delayed
   Two of Working Designs' upcoming RPG releases are pushed back until late June and August, respectively.
05.12.00 E3: Working Designs announces Punching Puppet Alex
   "Someday I'll become a Punching Puppet just like Punching Puppetmaster Dyne!"
03.17.00 Lunar 2: Eternal Blue pre-order details
   "Not Ghaleon, dear Quark ... PUNCHING PUPPET GHALEON!"
03.08.00 Working Designs announces Lunar 2: Eternal Blue demo, preorder details
   Like Square, Working Designs knows the value of a well placed demo.
01.04.00 Working Designs release date update
   Vanguard Bandits delayed, Lunar 2: Eternal Blue production update, Lunar: Silver Star Story for PC, and yet another mystery RPG in the works. Whew!
05.13.99 Lunar 2: Eternal Blue details and impressions
   Taking place a millenium after the original Lunar: Silver Star Story, Working Designs' latest will encompass 5 total CDs -- thanks to special packaging, of course.
05.13.99 E3: Working Designs expands Lunar franchise
   Two "surprise" Lunar titles at show.
05.11.99 Lunar 2: Eternal Blue, Slayers 2 at E3?
   PSXIGN points towards a possible identity of Working Designs' "mystery RPG".
03.22.99 TGS: Lunar 2 hits the PlayStation
   The PlayStation port of the RPG classic appears at the Tokyo Game Show.
03.01.99 More PSX Lunar 2 additions
   Dual Shock support and an additional subquest are two of the new features appearing in the latest version of Lunar 2: Eternal Blue.
02.18.99 Lunar 2: EB set for Japanese PSX release
   GameArts' highly praised Lunar 2: Eternal Blue is slated for a May 27 Japanese PSX release. Could a US port follow?
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue