Data Feed
December 2001
12.26.01 Zero confirmed for U.S. release?
12.22.01 Final Fantasy X International details emerge
12.20.01 Magical Vacation hands-on impressions
12.19.01 Final Fantasy X ships
12.18.01 Zero impressions
12.18.01 Yuji Horii explains the future of Dragon Quest
12.18.01 Two new Arc the Lad titles planned
12.15.01 Space Channel 5 Part 2 limited edition Dreamcast package
12.14.01 Square Pictures mystery project revealed
12.13.01 Square Pictures ready to be sold
12.01.01 European Shenmue II available for preorder at
12.12.01 Lufia Gaiden coming to the US
12.11.01 Online Columns Crown demo available
12.11.01 Grandia Xtreme to include pocket watch, DVD bag
12.10.01 Square to release second "Potion" album
12.08.01 Final Fantasy X release date moves up again
12.08.01 Enterbrain announces Galerians: Ash
12.06.01 Silent Hill 2 Xbox, Z.O.E Game Boy Advance release dates
12.05.01 Irem announces Zettai Zetsumei for PlayStation 2
12.05.01 Super Monkey Ball music CD released, concert to follow
12.04.01 Zero update
12.01.01 Shining Soul Japanese release date and pricing information
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