05.16.01 E3: More Eternal Darkness GameCube screen shots
5 more screens from Silicon Knights' GameCube project.
05.16.01 E3: Eternal Darkness GameCube screen shots
10 screenshots and several minor details within.
02.28.01 Dinosaur Planet moves to GameCube
Rare's action-adventure to be reborn as a GameCube launch title; will Eternal Darkness follow?
10.25.00 Nintendo announces new release dates
Paper Mario moves back; Pokémon Stadium GS confirmed for U.S. release.
08.16.00 Eternal Darkness delayed
But not eternally.
07.18.00 Nintendo shuffles release dates, sets up Clash of the Titans
Zelda vs. PlayStation 2 now on the card, while Dinosaur Planet and Eternal Darkness lose release dates.
05.18.00 E3: Eternal Darkness impressions
Silicon Knights and Nintendo present the true next step in "horror" gaming. Yes, Nintendo.
05.05.00 Silicon Knights becomes Nintendo exclusive
Makers of the original Legacy of Kain and forthcoming Eternal Darkness to become Nintendo "second-party" developer... but what about Too Human?
05.05.00 Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color E3 line-ups revealed
Pokémon Attack N64, Eternal Darkness, Mega Man 64, Lufia: Ruins Chaser, and more to appear this May.
Eternal Darkness