10.23.00 Pokémon Gold and Silver smash sales records
    U.S. gamers catch a lot of 'em.
10.10.00 Pokémon Gold and Silver to ship early
    Pokémon madness may hit stores as soon as tomorrow.
10.04.00 Complete English Pokédex revealed
   ~Gamers, gamers, gamers caught them all!~
09.29.00 Pokémon Gold and Silver breaks 600,000 preorders
   Pokémon now "bigger than Jesus and the Beatles combined."
10.27.99 Pokémon Silver + Gold to possibly arrive in limited quantities
   Recent Taiwanese earthquake slows production of Nintendo's Pokémon sequel.
10.13.99 Interview with Game Freak
   Pokémon creators discuss capture theory.
06.16.99 Pokémon Silver and Gold delayed
   Eagerly awaited Pokémon "sequels" won't arrive in Japan until September.
01.21.99 Nintendo announces Pokémon Silver and Gold
   They came to collect / Silver and Gold (Pokémon!) Gotta catch 'em all -- again! Gotta add new features! Gotta buy a Game Boy Color!
Pokémon Gold and Silver