05.18.01 E3: Additional Lufia: The Legend Returns details
   Lufia II's Ancient Cave is back.
05.18.01 E3: Natsume announces GBA "Lufia" title, second GBA RPG
   Never-Land brings the Lufia world to the Game Boy Advance with a new franchise name, along with a second RPG GBA title.
05.17.01 E3: Lufia: The Legend Returns Impressions
   Hands-on impressions of the latest in Natsume's Lufia series.
05.10.01 Natsume announces release date for Lufia: The Legend Returns
   U.S. release in July; releases in Japan, Europe to follow.
03.26.01 More Lufia: The Legend Returns information
   News on battle system and random dungeons.
10.03.00 Lufia: The Legend Returns delayed
   Three remaining fans begin to suspect RPG sequel is "only a cruel trick."
05.13.00 E3: Lufia GBC receives another title, story change
    Third Lufia title now takes place 100 years after original, while Natsume steps in as European and Japanese publisher.
04.10.00 Lufia GBC receives new name, plot
    First a PlayStation title with a bankrupt publisher, then a hand-held title with a fluid release date, Lufia for the Game Boy Color is now a different game entirely.
01.07.00 Lufia: Ruins Chaser delayed until fall
    Progress continues, but Natsume pushes the Game Boy Color's Lufia installment back until the fall.
05.17.99 Lufia III officially switched to Game Boy Color
    Never Land's Lufia III project has been officially diverted to the Game Boy Color, and renamed as Lufia: Ruins Chaser. First info on the new title, and a likely PSX2 Lufia sequel.
05.13.99 Lufia III downsized
    PlayStation RPG may be destined for Game Boy Color.
02.02.99 Lufia III resumes development
    Natsume officially confirms that the game's Japanese developer, Never-Land Company, has resumed work on the project.
12.15.98 Lufia III demo music released
    The project is still on hold, but an absolutely stunning demo arrangement is released by one of the game's musical gurus.
Lufia: The Legend Returns