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06.22.99 Lunar bromide guide
    Lunar fans are still hunting for all of the game's hidden bromides, and game glitches and altered locations are prolonging the chase. If you can't stand searching any longer, the GIA presents the complete list of locations.
06.13.99 Hoffman Island Guide
    Stuck in Star Ocean 2's Hoffman Ruins? Help has arrived. (Warning: spoilers ahead.)
04.07.99 Legend of Legaia guide, part three
    Stuck in Sol? The third part of the GIA's Legend of Legaia guide covers new territories and supplies more information on previous ones.
03.28.99 Legend of Legaia guide, part two
    The adventure continues in the second installment of our Legend of Legaia guide, featuring an expanded walkthrough and new tips for older areas.
03.23.99 Legend of Legaia guide, part one
    Legend of Legaia is one of the most difficult RPGs in recent memory, but the GIA is here to help. Part one of our strategy guide takes you from the beginning through Zeto's Dungeon.
02.20.99 Xenogears guide
    The first of many GIA strategy guides features a complete walkthrough, maps, a quote collection, and more. It's super muchacho information!
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