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   If you're reading this website, probability states that you're a) male, b) at least mildly interested in the female figure, and c) one who enjoys finding secrets in video games. Wouldn't it be fantastic if there was a way to chauvinistically combine all three factors together, while still maintaining a tame ESRB rating? Why, yes! There is! Working Designs' recent release of Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete allows allows the desparate gamer to seek out and find thirteen multi-screen images of the game's leading female leads in secret items known as "bromides" -- some pretty innocent, others downright scandalous.

   To be completely fair, Lunar also has a readily-accessible male bathing area where female fans can catch a glimpse of Kyle, ahem, posing. But the bathing areas are hardly a challenge to find, unlike the Bromides, which must be found in a strict order following an even stricter sequence of events. The problem of finding all 13 bromides has been made even more confusing by changes in locations in comparison to the Japanese import version, and even a programming glitch clarified and explained by Working Designs this week.

   To help clarify things, we've put together a complete guide to finding all 13 of Lunar's bromides, organized chronologically and complete with screen shots. Please be aware that there are spoilers throughout the guide, and one should likely finish the game prior to tracking down all the bromides to be absolutely safe from heart-wrenching story revelations.

Nash's initial bromide

Mia's Bromide 1: Nash comes equipped with the first of Mia's four bromides when he joins your team.

Search this shelf

Luna's Bromide 2: Immediately after visiting the White Dragon's cave with Ghaleon, head back to Alex's house and search the shelves in his basement.

Phacia's Bromide: After completing Vane's Crystal Tower and ascending to the star chamber, warp to Althena's Shrine and talk to the priest standing beside the statue of Althena.

Cold-blooded evil

Royce's Bromide: In Meribia, talk to the magicians on Black Rose Street after Mel is turned to stone. One of them will hand over Royce's bromide.

Jessica's Bromide 4: During the rather amusing scene in Nanza where Kyle single-handledly destroys several of Xenobia's minions, head downstairs to search Kyle's bed before speaking with him. You'll discover his secret Jessica bromide he keeps around for lonely nights.

Why does he carry bromides of his 'sister'...?

Jessica's Bromide 1: After Jessica joins your party for the second time (and Kyle is present in your party as well), head over to Althena's Shrine and talk several times to the deluded priest who believes Jessica is his sister.

Jessica's Bromide 2: The location of Jessica's second bromide has been a strong source of confusion in recent weeks. Some reported finding the bromide by talking to Lann's boatmaster after Alex becomes a Dragonmaster, while others frustratingly discovered that only a few lines of glitched text appear. What's the catch? According to Working Designs' Zach Meston, an error is present in Lunar which necessitates returning to Lann at least once after travelling to Lann Island via boat to defeat Dragonmaster Zoc. You must return to the mainland before defeating Zoc, and must hear the line "If ya still want ta use my boat, it's ready an' waitin'!" from the boatmaster in order to trigger a programming 'flag' which allows you to pick up Jessica's second bromide later in the game. Later, immediately after Alex becomes a Dragonmaster, return and speak with the boatmaster. Phew!

Poor spank-boy...

Mia's Bromide 4: After the (temporary) destruction of Myght's airship, head over to Iluk. In the house in the upper-right corner of town is a an editor of "Hot Girl Magazine" -- and, of course, Mia is one girl who has graced their pages numerous times. Speak with him a few times to "encourage" the man to turn over one of Mia's more shocking bromides. Make sure to talk to the editor before heading back to Myght with the engine.

Xenobia's Bromide: In the Frontier, save the miner trapped under the cave-in. Later, after the grindery departs, head back to speak to the miners -- one will donate Xenobia's bromide to your cause.

Mia's Bromide 2: During the evacuation of Vane, and before regaining Nash in your party, head into the Magic Guild and talk to the kid in the classroom found to the far right.

"Check this out! I got it just for you."

Luna's Bromide 1: During the epilogue, speak with Ramus in his shop. He'll hand over one of Luna's bromides. Speak with Ramus again, and...

Mia's / Jessica's Bromide 3: ...he'll offer you a chance to purchase the remaining two bromides. What a kind soul!

Feature by Brian Glick, GIA
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