Xenogears Guide

Dedicated to the memory of Daniel Seltzer

   Welcome to GIA's online Xenogears guide, the first of many such planned guides. Here you'll find a complete walkthrough, detailed items and ability lists, a quote collection, storyline info, and more. We think it's as complete as possible, but if you find anything missing or have any suggestions, please drop us a line so we can use your information.

This is not an actual map

   Since Xenogears can get pretty maze-like at time, we've provided maps for some of the trickier areas. Wherever you see the map icon, there's a map available (bet you couldn't have guessed that). Just click on the icon to view the map.

   If you'd prefer a text version of the FAQ, one is available. It is intended for personal use only, so please do not post it on other sites or otherwise distribute it without permission. If you're looking for other Xenogears stuff, pay a visit to X-Contact.

   And yes, we're well aware that this guide is a wee bit on the tardy side. In the future, you can expect new guides just a few weeks after a game's initial release (look for a Legend of Legaia guide in the near future).

Feature by Fritz Fraundorf, with special thanks to the contributors.
Xenogears Guide
Around the world in 64 chapters.
Ratings, Deathblows, and Ethers
Equipment, item, and other lists; quote collection.
Plot summary and character biographies.
Special Ops
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