Legend of Legaia Guide

   Welcome to the GIA's online Legend of Legaia guide. Here you'll find a walkthrough, Seru charts, detailed items and ability lists, and more. When completed, the guide will cover the entire game, but until then, you can start off on the right foot with what's completed so far.

   The walkthrough currently extends up through the completion of Warrior's Square. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the guide will not be completed. Please refrain from sending any submissions; the guide will receive no further updates. Consult GameFAQs if you need additional help with the game, and look for more guides soon!

Feature by Fritz Fraundorf, GIA, with aid from contributors.
Legend of Legaia Guide
Part Three: Ratayu / Sol
Stats and Arts
Seru abilities and locations
Equipment, item, and other lists; mini-games
Special Ops
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