07.29.01 GIA Commercial Break, Week Five
   Game CMs: One Piece Mansion (Long and Short versions), Digimon Medley, Hunter X Hunter, Ka (Mosquito), McDonald's Sony Mascot A, McDonald's Sony Mascot B, Mario Kart Advance, Shadow Hearts A, Shadow Hearts B. CM of the Week: Piposaru 2001.
07.26.01 GIA Commercial Break, Week Four
   Game CMs: Chee Chai Alien, Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy X CM A, Final Fantasy X CM B, Final Fantasy X CM C, Final Fantasy X CM D, Final Fantasy X CM DigiCube, Gran Turismo 3 CM C, Rimo Cocoron, Tactics Ogre Gaiden. CM of the Week: Tomak: Save the Earth: Love Story.
05.10.01 GIA Commercial Break, Week Three
   Game CMs: Animal Forest, Armored Core Another Age, Bomberman Tournament, Conan Boy Detective, Dream Classic, Gear Fighter Dendoh, Gran Turismo 3 CM A, One Piece, Pocket Culumon, Super Robot Taisen Alpha Gaiden, Time Crisis: Project Titan, Tottoko Hamutarou 2, Tsunago!. Non-game CMs: Asashi Bireleys, Mintia, Sprite, Yumo Cosumeo. CM of the Week: Gran Turismo 3 CM B.
04.06.01 GIA Commercial Break, Week Two
   Game CMs: Biohazard: Code Veronica, es, Gitaru Man, Klonoa 2, Momotaro Matsuri, Monster Farm, Napoleon, Pinobee, Rockman EXE, Sakura Taisen 3, Tokyo Highway Battle Zero. CM of the Week: Boku to Maoh.
03.09.01 GIA Commercial Break, Week One
   Game CMs: Conan, Boy Detective, F-Zero Advance, Kuru Kuru Kururin, Minna no PS2, Winning Eleven 5. CM of the Week: Dragon Quest Monsters 2.
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