Parallel Universe   

Life's like a road that you travel on...there's one day here and the next day gone...

Hi-hi! Thanks to everyone who submitted their favorite colors, and their kind words. You surprise me sometimes! Oh yes, and my favorite color is sky blue...the color of the sky on a cloudless summer day...mmm...summer...

Kabob35 - red and black

Napalm Boy - orange

IDanbo - black

J.T. - red, black & blue

Shawn Struck - red & blue

Toroth - blue & white

Matt Killmon - blue

Ian P - (crayon) sea green

ZMog - green

Nik - orange

Robert - blue gray (RGB R:43 G:76 B:112)

This week's question is harder... what is your favorite food? Email me and I'll be sure to post your replies! *figures that people will either think this is stupid and not reply this second time, or else she will get a huge flood of emails and be sorry she decided to cotinue last update's odd trend*

Oh, and please DO NOT include your fanfic in the body of your email. That's so annoying.

This has been a weird and good couple of weeks. I now have a little sister in the music fraternity. Yes, it's really a fraternity, and it's really all girls. Why? Well, it's a professional organization and well...oh, I don't remember. =P Anyways, I still want to burn the music school down, but what else is new?

*continues to babble incoherently as the last person walks away* Oh, and I'm going to E3. If I can find airfare. Money is not easy to come by. *sigh*

Feeling worlds better than she has in awhile,
~Tami, (more commonly known as Kit in her circle of friends. seriously.)

Date Title Game Author Genre
02.23.01 (not) Final Fantasy VIII Carme Serious
02.23.01 1900 Final Fantasy VIII Cloud Serious
02.23.01 Aya Again Parasite Eve meris ann Serious
02.23.01 Carnival Lights Final Fantasy VII Wallwalker Serious
02.23.01 Squall Leonhart meets the Headless Horseman Final Fantasy VIII Dark Moogle Serious
02.23.01 Never be the Same Persona 2 Nik Serious
02.23.01 A Hard Day's Night Donkey Kong Aaron D. Roberts Comic
02.23.01 A Rose By Any Other Name Final Fantasy VII Mint Baby Serious
02.23.01 Activities Final Fantasy VII Anna Holmgren Serious
02.23.01 would the stars cry Final Fantasy VII ScaRR Poem
02.23.01 Vanquished Deception Final Fantasy VII ScaRR Serious
02.23.01 Slave Final Fantasy VI Valvalis Serious
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