Parallel Universe

I offer my sincere apologies for the lack of updates recently, but with a hopefully forgiveable explanation. I've been layed up with mono for the past two weeks, and will likely be laid up for another few. Even though I had to quit my job, thankfully I'm doing much better than I was a week or so ago, and found the time to stay awake long enough to finish this update.

You can still join the mailing list by sending your name, alias, email and website to

Hopefully I'll get over this mono soon and have everything back up to speed, and my apologies again, to everyone.


ps... Garnet is my new hero. ^_^

Fanfics of the Week
Title Game Author
Since Then Xenogears Brickroad
Fujin and the Speech Therapist Final Fantasy VIII Uncreativity
The Sword, The Fist and The Gun Final Fantasy VIII Soul Hunter
A Loving Betrayal Final Fantasy VIII Soul Hunter
Master... Final Fantasy VII Nightsong
Ode to Eight Final Fantasy VIII Timothy J Carillet
A Long Way Away Star Ocean 2 David Schwager
Rouge SaGa Frontier Michael Collins
Forgotten Glory Final Fantasy VII Dark Moogle
Loveless Final Fantasy VII The Natural
Soundless Star Ocean 2 Kylee Adams
Forbidden Lunar: SSSC April
Marshal's Log Final Fantasy VI Max Juchheim
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