Parallel Universe

It's getting into finals season here at school and my spare time has been close to none. So, no cutesy remarks about the stories this week, but instead an update of everything in my in-box - a lot of returning authors, and a couple of new ones too. One point of note is Matthew's Driving The Night, which adds Saga Frontier II to our roster. Hmm...wish I had time to play it. It's been sitting in my dusty PSX for the last month.

Also, when you send me a fic, can you please list your name, the game and the title in the body of the email? It makes my job so much easier. A continued thanks to those who send me stuff already HTML. You rock.

*looks at the clock and realizes it's midnight EST* I'd like to take a moment to wish my beloved, who shall remain nameless for now, a very happy one week anniversary. You've turned my world upside down and I couldn't be happier. Te quiero & jwl.

Exhausted, but walking on air,


Fanfics of the Week
Title Game Author
Driving The Night Saga Frontier II Matthew Schuele
All That Shimmers Suikoden II Lara Germer
Ageless Suikoden II Lara Germer
Her Mother's Song Final Fantasy VIII Kristina Delgado
The Beginnings Crossover Kristina Delgado
Brother and Sister Final Fantasy VIII Bryan A. English
And Night Fell Suikoden II Nightsong
Wasted Future Chrono Trigger Nightsong
Aeris Final Fantasy VII Elizabeth
Wanderer of Time Final Fantasy VI Aquila
Then I Saw Him Final Fantasy VIII Frantic Aardvark
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