Parallel Universe

I do believe you all received enough of my nonsense yesterday with April Fool's, and yes, just in case you weren't sure, all of the authors whose fics I posted yesterday were in on the gag with me. None of them were meant to be taken seriously - in fact, we tried on purpose to drag every one of our favorite cliches through the mud! A huge thank you goes out to all of them for helping me out.

Today's an Egg McMuffin of an update, so I'll spare you from me trying not to give the plots away and just let you read for yourselves!

Dying in Miami's humidity,

Tam-Tam(which by the way is the Italian/French/German word for a gong!)

Fanfics of the Week
Title Game Author
The Floating Continent Final Fantasy VI Alex Earl
Tortured Final Fantasy VII Nightsong
Vengeance Chrono Trigger Nightsong
You See What I Saw It Was Xenogears Laura Cullem
Bitterness and Obsession Chrono Trigger Intrasonic
If I'm Lucky Final Fantasy VIII David Schwager
The White Uniform Final Fantasy VIII Soul-Hunter
Being Greedy Killed Juppo Suikoden McDohl
From Riovanes With Peanut Butter Final Fantasy Tactics MiniMog
Love Final Fantasy VIII Noah Bayens
With His Father's Sword Chrono Trigger Brickroad
Around The Campfire Breath Of Fire Brickroad
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