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All things end. Glenn knew that now, more than ever. Before his sat the most powerful being on the planet: Lavos. Glenn knew that his life could end here, as could the lives of his friend Crono and… Magus. Glenn had thought, until this point, that he would be able to avenge Cyrus at some later date. But now… he could easily be killed, and Cyrus’ death would remain tainted with undeserved shame. Shame that the man that had killed him had not been killed by a friend, but killed by a destroyer of planets. There was no honor in that. There was even less honor in fighting alongside such a man, even to defeat such a foe. But what could be done about it? Had he decided too late that Magus’ life must end, standing here far beyond the point where turning back was impossible? He could not attack Magus here. He would not. He would not. It would be insane, and would likely get Crono killed as well. He would be signing all of their death warrants, along with the millions of others that would be killed by Lavos. But… Glenn could still barely stop himself from hacking into Magus’ body with the Masamune. He smiled a little at the thought of dealing him blow after blow after blow, until his body was ripped apart and thrown into Lavos’ great mouth.


Glenn shook his head a bit, disturbed at his thoughts, and attempted to concentrate on the battle at hand. Crono had just cast Luminaire on the beast, and Magus was…


Magus. He thought, Such a hateful word. A name of death and destruction. The name of a murderer. Magus! Magus… He shook his head again, and forced himself to concentrate on his sword as he ran at Lavos and wildly slashed at it. As he jumped back to a safer position, he looked at the Lavoid’s black blood, which now covered his blade. So much blood… Would Magus bleed darkness? Or would the tyrant bleed at all? Perhaps he would simply laugh, and crumble into ash. The spent fire of a lifetime's worth of murder. Glenn shook his head once again, and tried to concentrate on something else as the battle wore on. But every time he closed his eyes, the bitterly smiling visage of the Magus greeted him. Sometimes, he could even hear it speak. What’s wrong, Glenn? Are you frightened of me? Ha! It would say. Glenn wondered if it’s voice was that of the wizard, or if it was his own. Looking at the dark mage as he launched yet another spell at the beast before him, he couldn’t help but wonder if he knew what was happening. Happening to him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did this to me. This hatred… it frightens me. I’m scared. So very scared. Glenn shivered a bit, and pulled his cloak closer around him. He looked again at Lavos, reminding himself over and over that Lavos was the real enemy here. He had made Magus do what he did. NO!! He had a choice!! He didn’t have to murder my friends and family! He didn’t have to slaughter thousands of townspeople! He chose to!!! Glenn shaked with rage, and looked over at the Magus again. As he did so, he was alarmed as his vision dimmed. He blinked, but to no avail. Everything around him was now a reddish haze. Blood… he thought, So much blood… All of it… on Magus’ hands… All of it… HIS FAULT!!!!!


Screaming in pure rage, Glenn leapt at Magus, his blade glowing red in the unnatural light of the room. Normally it would glow a white color, but Lavos’ blood still covered the sword, and it’s prescence served to bend the light of the sword like some sort of unholy prism. Lavos had twisted millions of lives, an achievement made obvious by the crimson glow of the blade. As Glenn reached Magus, the mage didn’t even turn around. He trusted Glenn. Well, as much as he trusted anybody. He had given Glenn a quick glance when he had cried out, but didn’t even dream that the frogman would attack him now, when every ounce of energy had to be used in the battle. Thus, it was a great surprise to him when he felt Glenn’s blade cut deep into his shoulder. He actually screamed. But, despite his surprise, he still reacted quickly, whirling about and ducking the next swing of Glenn’s blade. “Have you gone mad?!!!” He yelled, blocking the Masamune with his scythe. The Magus stared deep into Glenn’s black eyes, but saw nothing but hatred. Hatred and madness, to be more precise.


At this point, Crono took notice of their struggle. Glenn was striking at Magus again and again, as though he hoped to slice Magus’ magical scythe in two. He ran over to the battle, ignoring Lavos for the moment, and tried to throw himself inbetween the two. He cried out to Glenn to stop this, at least for the battle, but his pleas were ignored. Crono doubted that Glenn had even heard them.


Magus could not keep this up any longer. He had managed to continue to block Glenn’s blows for a while by thinking of Lavos, but he could not attack the man, for doing so would destroy any chance he had of defeating Lavos. Now, he was too weakened from the torrent of blows brought on by Glenn to even consider a spell. As soon as his scythe was broken - which would undoubtedly be soon from the look of the gash in it - Magus was finished.


At almost the same time as he realized he was doomed, the scythe snapped in two, a brilliant flash of light marking it’s passing. Glenn smiled, though it was not a normal smile. It was a smile of insanity and rage. He brought the blade up over his head, and struck downward…


…Only to find that Crono had jumped inbetween himself and Magus, and had - in fact - taken the blow for the mage. The blade had sliced neatly into Crono. Glenn could tell he was mortally wounded. Crono!!! No!! I have killed th- wait. This happened because of Magus. I wanted to strike Magus!! “You are responsible for yet another death, dark one!!!” With that, he brought up his blade again, actually stepping over Crono’s dying form, and brought the blade down on Magus. It went in surprisingly easily, and the Masamune actually pinned his body to the ground. Glenn looked at the man’s face, and was enraged to see it looked… peaceful. Glenn yelled again, and attempted to pull his blade from the ground, if only to wipe that look off of Magus’ face. He must be forever tormented! He was supposed to be horrified!! WHYWHYWHYWHYWHY?!!!?!??! As he struggled to pull the blade from the wizard, he failed to notice Lavos again take interest in the battle. The beast had been smart enough to let the humans kill each other off, but now there was but one left. It launched one of it’s many spikes at the frog-thing, and watched in satisfaction as it went straight between his shoulder blades. The thing dropped instantly. He hadn’t even seen it coming.


Glenn, did, however, feel death coming for an instant before he fell. Just long enough for his face to contort in horror at what he had done, just for vengeance. As he fell to the ground, his face was just as he had expected Magus’ to be: agonized beyond reason.

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