12.09.00 Skies of Arcadia VMU downloads available
   The skies get even more expansive with a new island and boss.
11.18.00 Sega comments on Shenmue, Skies of Arcadia sequels
   Sega refutes the demise of Shenmue 2.
10.12.00 Sega giving away copies of Eternal Arcadia
   Next Famitsu to include "trial" version of Sega's latest RPG.
10.04.00 Skies of Arcadia hands-on impressions
   Can airships and adventure power Sega's latest RPG?
09.28.00 Famitsu rates Eternal Arcadia
    Sega's much anticipated RPG strikes gold.
08.16.00 Eternal Arcadia meets another delay
    ...and the name of the delay is @barai.
07.16.00 Eternal Arcadia limited edition contents revealed
    Sega lets you play pirate with its latest RPG.
06.30.00 Eternal Arcadia limited edition announced
    Sega follows up the game's release date announcement with more information.
06.29.00 Eternal Arcadia gets a Japanese date, price
    Sega barely squeezes into their "Summer 2000" timeframe.
06.21.00 Eternal Arcadia no longer Eternal
    Sega's next big RPG to arrive in the states under a new name.
05.15.00 E3: Eternal Arcadia impressions
    E3: Eternal Arcadia impressions
05.08.00 Eternal Arcadia revealed
    Eternal Arcadia U.S. release date
08.26.99 Eternal Arcadia revealed
   Sega officially announces The Game Formerly Known As Project Ares. Eleven screens included.
08.23.99 Project Ares = Eternal Arkadia?
   Famitsu uncovers what will likely be the official title of Project Ares.
06.08.99 Project Ares artwork
   Sega unveils the character designs for its recently announced Dreamcast RPG, as well as some further revelations concerning the story.
06.01.99 Sega announces Project Ares
   It's not PS V, but Phantasy Star's developers are finally making a comeback.
Skies of Arcadia