Sketch Artist
Final Fantasy IV
Title Artist Date
The Dragon and the Phoenix Jess Edstrom 01.02.02
Shadow of Doubt Jess Edstrom 12.19.01
How a FF4 Character Deals With a Doom Spell 1- Kain and Cecil Jess Edstrom 01.28.01
Cid and Ed meet their Doom Spell Jess Edstrom 01.28.01
Dragoon at Sunset Jess Edstrom 01.21.01
Jump, Kain, jump! Jess Edstrom 01.14.01
Rydia of Mist Annie Felis 01.14.01
Jump of the Dragoon Lightsoul 12.18.00
Cecil Never 07.10.00
Cecil the Paladin, Australian Style Bart Kelsey 12.25.99
Rydia, Summoning Elaine Fair 12.25.99
Cecil Fleur de lys 12.03.99
FF Kids Fleur de lys 12.03.99
Chocobo Screensaver Petra Rödig 12.03.99
FF Classic: Dark Knight Cyph 11.27.99
The Dragoon Saki Wright 11.16.99
Dragoon Kain Kayin 11.05.99
Yellow Chocobo Silverelf 11.05.99
Bardian Forest Laura 10.31.99
Dr. Lugae J.J. McCullough 09.07.99
Written In The Stars Laura 04.16.99
Kain Tania Giroux 11.29.98
Rydia Pampers a Velcromonkey pulpy 11.29.98
Theme of Love Lorelai 11.22.98
Celes Kaitlin Kubilius 11.22.98
Final Fantasy IV
Sketch Artist
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