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Kaitlin Kublius Watercolor and India ink on paper druidkaitlin@juno.com The Lair of Kaitlin
Artist's Commentary

Celes has always been my favorite character in all the Final Fantasies to draw. She is not my favorite character in the game, but she's an absolute joy to draw -- especially since I have her clothing design to memory after studying all of the various designs in the Amano Yoshitaka drawings. I wanted to portray a sense of movement in this piece -- though I'm not so sure if I succeeded or not.
One of my favorite things about creating a picture of Celes is coloring her hair. In all of my current drawings of her, I have decided to put pink highlights in her hair. Why? I'm not sure. Perhaps I saw it that way in one of Amano's drawings, whether he did that intentionally or not. Whatever the case, I feel that it adds a little depth, perhaps a hinting that she was never quite a normal human being.

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