Theme of Love
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Lorelai Paper and prismacolor pencils /
Photoshop 5, Paint Shop Pro 5 The Art of Lorelai
Artist's Commentary

When I was younger and hooked on Final Fantasy II (IV), I tried to illustrate all the characters...however, my knowledge of art and human proportions was horrible, and I got mutilated effects (I still have nightmares of my picture of Kain, who resembled a fat, blue porcupine). Years later I decided to try and illustrate the pure, unconditional love between our hero and heroine, Cecil and Rosa. This time, I was much more successful. The picture is supposed to portray the moment that Cecil is transformed into a Paladin, a moment which I think Square drastically undermined by weak graphics. That's why I have him in Paladin garb, looking up towards a mysterious source of light -- and that's why Rosa looks so happy and satisfied. More than anything, I think that their struggles to this point illustrate the "theme of love" best, and thus the title of my piece.

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