05.22.01 E3: More on Ephermeral Fantasia
   New game and story details from Konami's music RPG.
05.12.01 Konami announces E3 roster
   Ephemeral Fantasia gets a new release date.
03.03.01 Reiselied: Ephemeral Fantasia bound for U.S.
   Konami's musical RPG finally confirmed for America.
05.23.00 Konami's Reiselied: Ephemeral Fantasia to support Guitar Freaks controller
   Thou art the greatest!
05.12.00 E3: Name changes for Reiselied, Day of Walpurgis
   Confusing "foreign" names removed for U.S. release.
05.09.00 Reiselied U.S.-bound
   Konami's PlayStation 2 RPG is headed Stateside.
09.23.99 TGS: Reiselied gameplay movies
   Field sequences, battles, and cutscenes all shown in new media.
09.21.99 Konami announces new PS2 RPG
   And you will know it by the name of "Reiselied."
Ephemeral Fantasia