02.11.02 Atlus release schedule details
   One of these things is not like the other.
06.26.02 Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis impressions
   Quest returns to the classic gameplay of Tactics Ogre with a new sidestory for the GBA. Read the GIA's excruciatingly detailed hands-on impressions to find out why strategy fans should start looking forward to long bus trips.
06.12.01 More Tactics Ogre GBA details
   Another round of information -- and new screenshots -- of Quest's GBA strategy game.
06.02.01 New Tactics Ogre Gaiden details
   New information the GBA strategy game's extra modes.
05.16.01 E3: Tactics Ogre Gaiden U.S.-bound
   Nintendo to publish Game Boy Advance strategy RPG in North America.
05.02.01 New Tactics Ogre Gaiden details, media
   Further details and 12 new screenshots of Quest's GBA sidestory to Tactics Ogre.
01.16.01 Final GBA hardware colors and new screens
   See the colors available at the GBA's Japanese launch and take a new look at a half-dozen RPGs in development for the system.
08.26.00 Tactics Ogre Gaiden announced for Game Boy Advance
   Another SNES port in the works.
Tactics Ogre Gaiden