05.25.01 E3: No US release for Star Ocean: Blue Sphere?
   An American release for the GBC sidestory to Star Ocean highly unlikely.
05.10.01 Star Ocean: Blue Sphere Japanese release info
   Enix's handheld Star Ocean gets a price drop and date in Japan.
03.14.01 Star Ocean animated series in the works
   Star Ocean EX to be based off Blue Sphere.
03.09.01 Star Ocean: Blue Sphere release date
   tri-Ace's Game Boy Color title finally has a Japanese date.
03.08.00 tri-Ace unveils Star Ocean: Blue Sphere
   Game Boy Color title to carry on Star Ocean 2's storyline.
01.25.00 Star Ocean for GBC to be new game
   Star Ocean developer tri-Ace reveals the upcoming Game Boy Color RPG won't be a port after all.
12.29.99 Star Ocean goes portable
   The first game in the Star Ocean series is bound for the Game Boy Color.
Star Ocean: Blue Sphere