01.09.02 A Final Fantasy 4 Christmas Final Fantasy IV Jess Edstrom Comic Gaming Intelligence Agency
Parallel Universe   Archives
Final Fantasy IV
Date Title Game Author Genre
08.04.99 The Heart of a Dragoon Final Fantasy IV Andrea Hartmann Serious
09.19.99 The Engineer's Children Final Fantasy IV Steve Curtis Serious
01.17.00 Legend's Prelude Final Fantasy IV Chad Harger Serious
04.01.00 Kain, Kain, the Killing Machine Final Fantasy IV Chad Harger Comic
08.26.00 Darkwinds Final Fantasy IV Wallwalker Serious
01.15.01 Rydia: Daughter Of Mist Final Fantasy IV Mint Baby Serious
02.08.01 Shadows in the Wind Final Fantasy IV Jess Edstrom Serious
05.01.01 A Good Little Girl Final Fantasy IV Kamarile Serious
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