Legend's Prelude

[01.17.00] » by Chad Harger

Cecil finished his climb of the treacherous mountain known as Mt. Ordeals. The climb was not as easy as it was thirty years ago. Wiping the sweat from his brow Cecil could feel every ache and pain his body produced. Cecil muttered a curse about middle age and not for the last time. At least there are no monsters, he thought happily. Setting up camp he slept the night inside the protective-field.

That night Cecil dreamed of a memory of twenty years ago when he felt his fathers call. Returning back to the cave where his father's spirit resided so he could talk with him for the last time."My son, my time on this planet is almost over," said the ethereal voice of his father, KluYa.

Cecil could feel the sadness emanating from his father. His father did not want leave and Cecil didn't want him to leave either. "Why father? Why do you have to leave? There is so much I have to ask you."

"I to do not want to leave, yet the Power That Be has decreed that my time here is finished. Besides I miss your mother. A day does not go by that I do not miss her. I am sure that she misses me also and I can not allow her any more sadness just as you cannot allow sadness to come to Rosa," replied KluYa.

Cecil nodded in agreement he did not want to be the cause of any sadness that Rosa might feel because of him. He also knew that this day would come also but being here did not make it any easier. Although there was still some business to attend to before his father left. "What about this?" said Cecil as he unsheathed The Legend Sword.

Cecil could feel his father's head nodding as he answered,"The Legend Sword was forged for you. It is not for me take back for I cannot, as the saying goes, 'Take it with me.' When The Legend Sword was repaired by the dwarves it became much more than even I realized. When the time comes you can return the sword here for this place can now be it's resting place until it is needed again. Now I must leave this world and move on. Remember to stay on the Path of the Righteous and we will be together again in the Afterlife."

Cecil stood in the cave, his whole body was numb. No longer able to hold his tears he started to cry. Blurting out he said,"I love you father."

For the last time KluYa's spirit rapped itself around Cecil in a blanket of peace and love. Cecil could feel the warmth of his father as he said, "I love you to my son." Then he was gone.

Cecil woke up from his sleep. Looking out of his tent he saw the sun rising. After cleaning up and eating breakfast he continued his journey to his father's resting place.

Later in the day he reached the cave. Because his father now longer resided the cave there was very little light within it. Lighting a torch Cecil entered the cave. When he reached what he referred to as 'The Hall of Mirrors', where he fought his dark-side, he noticed in the reflection that he was not alone.

Turning quickly to the intruder Cecil put his hand on his sword's hilt, "Who are you?" he demanded. "State your business!"

The intruder turned to face Cecil. "I mean you no harm King Cecil," said the intruder. "Like you I am visiting the past."

"What do you mean?" asked Cecil. "I don't remember meeting you, and just because I'm getting old, it doesn't mean my memory is no good."

The intruder smiled. "No you would not know me just as my own father didn't know of me. Although you did know him for a brief period of time. His name was Tellah."

Cecil hand sword hand went limp and The Legend Sword nearly fell from his hand. In a stunned voice he said, "I didn't know he had a son. He never mentioned it."

Tellah's son shook his head with sadness. "No he wouldn't. As I said he never knew I existed. I only found out about him a few years ago when I finished my training as a wizard of both black and white magic at Mysidia. The final test to become such a wizard is to face your greatest fear. My greatest fear was that my father abandoned me and that he did not love me."

Cecil could not believe Tellah would do such a thing. Something must have happened. "So what happened?"

The wizard smiled grimly. "I failed. I explored the world trying to find out all I could about my father and after a period of time I returned to Mysidia. The Elder at Mysidia said that it was my mother who left Tellah. She did not want me to grow up to be like my father or as she put it, 'The only good thing wizards are good for are blowing things up.'"

"How did you receive training as a wizard if you did not live in Mysidia?" asked Cecil.

"After my mother died I wondered around the world not sure what to do with my life. Then I visited Mysidia one day and something happened. I guess it would be a calling of sorts. When the Elder questioned me of my origins I mentioned my mother by name. The Elder then knew who I was and he allowed me to study the magic as my father did before me," said Tellah's son.

"Will you become a full wizard like your father after you discover his past?" asked Cecil.

The wizard replied, "Yes, I came here seeking the Light because the Elder knew that Tellah was with you when you became a Paladin. I had hoped that the Light was still here so that it could answer my questions. When I entered the cave I found nothing."

"I know. The Light, KluYa, my father left this place twenty years ago.," said Cecil.

The wizard hung his head in defeat. "Then I've failed. The Light cannot answer my questions."

Cecil laughed. He realized what the Elder had planned. "No you didn't. I was their right? As a matter of fact I was with Tellah up until he died. Now that I think about it, it is no coincidence that we have met in this place."

Tellah's son was confused, "I don't understand?"

Cecil's smile broadened. "I see it like this; I contacted Elder a couple of weeks ago and telling of my plans to return here. He figures to give you help in your test by suggesting you climb Mt. Ordeals to speak with my father. Instead of meeting my father, you meet me, who knew Tellah better than my father did."

Tellah's son smiled in relief. "Yes that does make sense."

Cecil placed a hand on the wizard's shoulder. "Just tell me what I need to do and I'll help you."

"Just tell me about him how he lived in his final hours, what type of man he was.," said the wizard.

Cecil nodded. Both man sat down on the floor. Cecil talked for hours about Tellah; his climb of Mt. Ordeals, his daughter's death (the wizard broke down cried at this), his quest of vengeance against Golbez, and his death when he cast the deadly Meteo Spell, and how Tellah's spirit gave him and his companions strength during the last fight with Zeromus.

After Cecil finished talking, he stretched his neck to relieve himself of the stiffness. As he looked around the hall he stopped and gasped as he noticed the center mirror. "Look!" he exclaimed.

Tellah's son looked at the reflection he was casting but it was not of him. "Who is it?," he asked.

Cecil swallowed hard. "It's. . .Tellah."

The wizard's mouth dropped. In a confused voice he asked. "What does it mean Cecil? (Cecil asked him just to call him by his first name.)

Cecil thought for a minute then said, "There must still be some power left here. I think the power that resides here realize your test is similar to what I went through. If you face yourself then you'll become a full wizard just as I became a Paladin."

"You mean I have face myself. What must I do Cecil?" asked Tellah's son.

Cecil shrugged. "I can't tell you that. All I can say is that you alone must face this test for I cannot help you."

The wizard got up and walked toward the reflection, his face full of fear. He looked at the reflection and thought. He closed his eyes and reached to the reflection and. . .

The test only lasted a minute. If only my test was that easy, thought Cecil as he looked the wizard. The wizard's clothes were transformed into a gray color, his hair pure white, and like his father before him, he possessed all of the white and black magic known to man.

The wizard laughed loudly, "I did it."

Cecil returned the smile, he was very happy for him. "What was the test?," he asked.

The wizard said, "The final acceptance of my father. I had to discover that although he didn't know me he would still love me and that he his proud of my accomplishments."

"Now that it is over," said Cecil. "I can finish the business that I came to do."

Tellah's son blushed. "Oh, I am sorry I forgot. Here I am dumping all of my problems onto you without any consideration for you."

Cecil held up a hand. "It all right. I just came to return the Legend Sword to it's resting place."

"The Legend Sword that helped you defeat Zeromus?" inquired the wizard.

"Yeah," replied Cecil. "The only problem is I don't know where to put it so no one can come along and steal it."

"Perhaps I can help. It is only fair. This will be my way of thanking you for helping you."

Tellah's son looked around and found what he was looking for. With the of Cecil help they cut and moved a big chunk of stone to the center of the Hall of Mirrors. The wizard then placed his hand on the stone and cast a spell. "There you go Cecil. Just think and say what condition are needed to remove the sword then insert the sword into the stone until it stops."

Cecil thought for a second on what conditions he should place on the sword. He finally raised the sword above his head with the point of the sword nearly touching the rock. He yelled in a deep thunderous voice that even surprised him, "Let no man, woman, nor beast pull this sword, unless the reason is to protect the innocent, the cause is just, and the heart of the seeker of this sword is pure!" Cecil then inserted the sword into the stone. The sword slid easily into the stone like a hot knife through butter.

Tellah's son nodded. "It is done. Until a worthy person comes along to draw the sword, it shall always remain here."

Cecil was happy, he helped and gained a new friend, and the sword was now safe. Turning to Tellah's son he said, "Now for the fun part, climbing down this blasted mountain."

The wizard laughed. "Don't worry. The Exit Spell has been greatly improved upon. I can just cast it and we'll appear at the bottom of the mountain."

Cecil breathed a sigh of relief. He was getting sick of climbing up and down Mt. Ordeals. As the wizard cast the spell Cecil said, "By the way I still don't know your name."

The wizard finished the spell. The room spun faster and faster as the spell took effect and in a faded voice Tellah's son said, "My name is Merlin."

In the cave sat a stone and embedded in it is a sword. The sword was once called the Legend Sword but after it was repaired it went by a new name, 'Excalibur'. There the sword slept until another worthy person came to posses it.

Author's Notes:

I was thinking about Final Fantasy, and about the Excalibur Sword. Well this is just my story behind the sword and a link to the King Author legend. If you like Camelot stories, I recommend the Pendragon Cycle. It's a good read. If you want to e-mail me, and tell me what you thought of it. Thanks for reading my story.

All characters related to Final Fantasy IV are copyright by Square.

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