Parallel Universe   

memory rubs in my heart like sand on my heart is frozen tonite like blue coral in the sea...

i feel i'm alone again in the heat wave
you are already miles away
i wish we could meet again

Step right up, it's time for favorite foods! You'll all be glad to know that I'm stopping the questions(for now..mwahahaha...)unless, of course, you readers or Bastian the Royal Turtle decide I should do otherwise.

Darine - pistachio ice cream
Napalm Boy - tacos
David Boyd - fish fingers
Milks - Favortie food? Hmm.... That is hard. I would have to say pizza. But millions of people will probably say that and I hate being part of the norm. So let's go with Chicken Fingers. Actually, that's pretty common too. I know! Cremň de Pâllad with blue cheese dressing. No, wait. That's too rich for me. Ah, hell let's go with apples.
Ian P - I'd have to say lasangia. A rich flavorfull tomatoe sauce, with chunks of spicey italian sausage and diced veggies.
Layer after layer of a dangerous mix of cheeses. Mmm mmm good.
Sephiroth_2007 - kung-pao-chicken
Matt Killmon - Pad Thai (a fried sweet/savory Thai noodle dish with peanuts and shrimp
Kelley - Pasta, every type besides spagetti

Spring break is almost over here. I had a lot of fun in Disney, though it was sad to see the Main Street Electrical Parade on what might be its last time there. (crossing my fingers and hoping it comes back) I also got obsessed with this new Disney craze of pin collecting. Thankfully not as much so as some nutty collectors I saw drop several hundred dollars buying random pins to fill out their collection. Good grief, if this were a worldwide-store available thing, it'd have the same "gotta catch 'em" insanity as...well, you get the idea.

I find myself missing home a lot...most people back home would kill for Miami's weather with all the snow they've been getting, but I adore winter. I hate living in a place that has no seasons. At the same time, I'm still wishing it was summer, just so I could get away from school a little longer.

Time is so short and so long...mind, heart...oh, I'm babbling now, aren't I. Apologies.

Go read the fan-ficcies...they're a really unique bunch this week, especially Tim's real life prose surrounding an obsession with MGS...

Craving the Northeast for more reasons than one,

Date Title Game Author Genre
03.173.01 Forgotten Final Fantasy VI Nicole F. Serious
03.17.01 Feelings Final Fantasy VI Lesley Serious
03.17.01 Where has the time gone? Metal Gear Solid Tim Rogers Comic
03.17.01 He Might Have Been A Child Final Fantasy IX Mike Brooke Serious
03.17.01 Mint's Pumpkin Issue Threads of fate Minty-Fresh Comic
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