Parallel Universe

Welcome back to Parallel Universe, in the midst of college finals, packing my room and prepearing for E3. In other words, don't expect any brilliance from me today.

Mostly new authors today, though Elizabeth and Soul-Hunter return, and two new games added to the roster - LoK: Soul Reaver and Dragon Warrior IV.

Get excited - E3 is less than a week away...though in contemplation I do believe I'm looking forward to it for an entirely different reason than the rest of the planet is. *smirks* But that's another story!

Hopelessly Hilariously Harfing,

Sugoi Usagi

Fanfics of the Week
Title Game Author
Kingdom Come Final Fantasy VI Elizabeth
The Awakening Xenogears Jeremy S. Garrett
Confined Memories Xenogears Jeremy S. Garrett
Aerith, Dreaming of Forever Final Fantasy VII Michael Collins
Day Merchant Dragon Warrior IV Ultimoo
Knockin' On Heaven's Door Xenogears Kefka Floyd
Hidden Shine Saga Frontier II Linn Ang
To Love Again Final Fantasy VIII Soul-Hunter
Lonely Life Of A Mog Final Fantasy VI Paul O'Rourke
Pillar Of Destiny LoK: Soul Reaver Alhazred
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