The Awakening

[05.05.00] » by Jeremy S. Garrett

That night there was a small storm. He could barely see most of the people who surrounded him and the lightening lighting up these people’s faces, and the house residing behind them all. The weeds blew in the little storm, and his cape was a flutter in the wind as well. He grew anxious to see what would become of the moment. His smirk, unseen from everyone, except him. He could see it perfectly.

Khan was waiting; he had no idea what was going to happen next. A kid, small, and young bent down in rage. A woman, young, beautiful, was standing in front of this young child, waiting for something. Her delicate and lovely dress blew and tangled around her body. Her gaze burned into Grahf’s eyes. Her distinctive form was catching him in her grasp. She was indeed a powerful ‘woman.’

Grahf’s arms crossed each other over his dark armor. His eyes glowed with power; the red murkiness was frightening, the young boy tried to miss this monster’s eyes. The night was silent, and he had been standing here, waiting, watching for this boy’s true form to show itself. He was waiting for his assassin. Grahf was waiting, patiently, because the offering of the moment was powerful, and strong. Grahf had been waiting for this moment most of his life. Whatever life he ever had.

Now, the boy clenched his head, as if the elusive pain of his head pounding, only this was different. He clenched his head from pain, but also from fear of whatever would happen next. Somehow this boy predicted the outcome of the next moment wouldn’t be anything of a good memory, as if he understood what would happen. Of course, he had no control of it.

He saw a tension in the woman’s eyes, and she stepped away from the boy, but only a footstep or two. Then, Grahf saw the man take a step backwards to, then turning to walk around the back of the house. Lightening again, shining up the night. And then it happened. Boom.

An aura rose up from the boy, as he flew up off the ground. It was a blue burning light, then red. Small crisps of fire sprang away, lighting the grass, but being swept away by the wind. A powerful, and illuminating fireball sprung from the boy, as if it was his own entity, and it headed straight for her. The woman.

The blood splattered on the boy’s face, his eyes tense, and unable to shut. The woman, still grinning, proud of something, whatever she may have accomplished. Her lifeless body feel forward, toppling onto the boy. Her face, her expression changed right before she finally died. Her face, not menacing, or grinning, but it smiled, and spoke to the boy. It was the face of his mother, and not the horrible woman that had seized her. The boy was glad to have seen his mother’s face, even if she would be gone for the rest of his life. He already began to miss her.

The man walked away from the pile of wreckage that was once his house. He saw her lying there, dead. He started heading for her, and then he saw his son as well. His face grew tense. He looked around, and saw a dark figure lying on the ground. It was Grahf, and he had been hit with the boy’s powers as well.

The man walked over to his son, taking his hand, and he squeezed it lovingly, safely. He spoke to his son, his tone was shaky, "S, son. Come with m, me."

The boy spoke nothing, only watched the small fires that were inside the wreckage. He also saw the woman - no, not a woman, but his mother. His mommy.

The dark figure moved, twisting. He couldn’t move his back, and couldn’t stand up. The blow he had suffered had taken away his host. Time was costly, and he needed to move on quickly.

Grahf quickly released himself from his original host, and sunk himself into the man’s body, Khan’s body. The power, the feeling of rebirth, is what Grahf felt. The new body suited him well, and he already felt more at home.

Khan dropped to his knees, and beat the moist ground with his fists. Pounding, pounding, boom, boom, he wouldn’t stop hitting at the ground. He was trying to force Grahf out of his body, but it was no use, Grahf was too strong. Khan subdued to Grahf’s power, and was taken over by Grahf, for the first time, Khan felt hopeless.

Grahf moved over to the site of his original host, and gathered his armor, helmet, cape, and other assortments. He dressed himself, once again stepping back into his own chamber. Now three people know about this chamber. First Grahf himself, Lecan, and now Khan. Grahf was just about getting used to Khan’s body, when…

Khan studied his unconscious power, his mental energy, concentrated harder every time, until he had taken over Grahf. He caught Grahf off guard. Grahf’s ‘body’ struggled, and fought, but Khan ceased that, and returned himself to his own body. He lifted the helmet off his head, and looked around. The boy had fainted, and was lying on the ground.

Khan quickly moved to the pile of rubbish, that was once his house. His house where his son had lived, still just a young boy, where Khan had stayed, and his loving wife, and cherishing his thoughts and moments with his family, this was his house, and it was no longer standing.

Khan went through the stones, and wood splinters, trying to find some suitable clothes to change into. Walking around as Grahf would cause a majority of trouble. He found a blue cloak, with a hood. He also saw a mask; it resembled a fish, or some antic his wife might have picked up once day in a market. He took off the heavy armor, and threw it aside. Time was of essence. Dressing in the cloak, fitting the mask around his head, and then folding the hood over his head, Khan thought of what he would do next. He should get the boy to a village.

Khan walked back over to the boy, who was still limp from fainting, gathered his body in his arms, and started walking. Khan tried to map out where the closest village was. Pretty soon Grahf would overtake him once more. And then, this boy would be in harm’s hands. He couldn’t allow that to happen. He promised that it would never happen. And he was going to keep that promise, forever. He walked on, still carrying the body of his son, the boy, the boy with powers, hidden, and a hidden self. It was still dark, and Khan felt he could make it to a village before sunrise, and before Grahf came back. Came back for him. Before Grahf awakens from his slumber, his peaceful subconscious ness.

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