Parallel Universe

Oh, how I want this school year to be over! Spring break was not nearly long enough.

A lot of returning authors today - Matthew's got a great piece on Ultimecia while Chad ties the two Lufias together. David gives us some more satire, this time mocking the latest money making craze...and Tifa9 gives us another Wild Arms "shortie" as she calls it. Newcomers, Steven brings us another look at Hyuga/Citan and Nightsong gives us a mournful end for Janus of Zeal. Finally we have some true and wonderfully written eccentricity from Kathryn - a crossover of Final Fantasy VII and...X-Files!

Finally, if you haven't already heard, GIA is putting together a section of profiles for fan writers and artists, so that we can have a little background on the faces behind the works. Please send your profiles to and check out the story about the new profiles to find out what it's all about.

Dreaming of an endless summer,


Fanfics of the Week
Title Game Author
Xerampelinae Final Fantasy VIII Matthew Schuele
The Longest Interlude Lufia Chad Harger
Who Wants To Live? Final Fantasy VII David Solomon
Thoughts Of A Demon Wild Arms Tifa 9
An Ending Chrono Trigger Nightsong
Hyuga Ricdeau: Element Xenogears Steven Andrews
Those Chosen By The Planet Final Fantasy VII Kathryn
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