The Longest Interlude

[03.23.00] » by Chad Harger

The Sinistrals believed that they were the rightful rulers of the world. Arek, the leader of the Four Sinistrals, had send them down to the world of humans to see if this was true because the greatest weapon known to Man and Sinistral called the Dual Blade started to resonate. This weapon that is even beyond the understanding of the Sinistrals was to decide who would rule. Erim, the Sinistral of Death, was chosen by Arek to observe the events as they unfolded. During that grim time of choosing, the Dual Blade chose a man named Maxim and thus the sword had chosen in humanity's favor. Yet that choice was not without a cost. Maxim and his wife Selan died. Selan died when she was dealt a fatal blow in the final battle between Sinistral and Man. Maxim lost his life when he prevented the floating island known as The Island of Doom from crashing into the town where his son lived. This much is known from the events from Lufia II: The Rise of the Sinistrals.

Nearly a century later history would repeat itself. It all began with an apparent orphan named Lufia. She wondered into a small kingdom where a descendant of Maxim's lived. A few later years later as young adults, something happened. Monsters started to appear once again and the neighboring kingdom had been attacked. When Maxim's descendant went to examine to see what happened he discovered something shocking! It was Gades of the Sinistrals! Fortunately for Maxim's descendant, Lufia had followed and was able to heal his wounds. Like Maxim, his descendant started his own journey to stop the Sinistrals. Like Maxim he was able to ultimately find the bane of the Sinitrals existence, the Dual Blade. During that battle there what appeared to be another price to pay for Lufia was in reality Erim. After winning the battle, the descendant felt he had also lost, for the woman he loved had died as a Sinistral. Yet something wonderful had happened later on. The descendant met a woman who looked exactly like Lufia. Unfortunately the woman had no memory of her past, yet in a way she did recognize the man she loved. This much is known from the events from Lufia and The Island of Doom.

Yet what of the time between Lufia II: The Rise of the Sinistrals and Lufia and The Island of Doom. What happened to Arek? How did Erim become Lufia? These things and more were never known. . .

. . .unil now.


While in the world of humans, the Sinistrals needed Erim to keep their physical bodies intact. When she was defeated they lost those bodies. Because the Sinistrals' bodies were destroyed did not mean they had died. It only meant they were slowed down. Their real bodies slowly took form as time passed.

It started not as a cry of a newborn, but as hatful scream from a evil being. Daos' eyes opened and he screamed. Sitting up in his bed he looked around. He recognized the room from the castle where he and the other Sinitrals lived. Yet for some reason it felt empty. He saw the others slowly sitting up in their own beds.

The door opened and Arek entered. "I felt someone waking up. I assume you are all fine?"

"Just a little dizzy," answered Amon. He shook his head trying to remember. "What happened anyway? I remember a fight of some kind, a final assault then nothing."

"The same thing for me," said Gades. "What did happen?"

"You all fought a battle at the time judgment and lost," answered Arek. "You fought a man name Maxim."

"Maxim," muttered Amon as the memories started to come back. "A human with red hair I think?"


"It is a moot point," said Arek.

"What do you mean?" asked Daos. His voice was almost a growl.

"Did you not feel time pass as your real bodies healed themselves?" asked Arek.

Erim slowly sat up in bed. She did not feel right for some reason. First she thought it was because what happened was her real first loss. "Master Arek, how much time did pass?"

Arek's smile was sad. "Nearly ninety years have passed according to the calender of Man."

The Four Sinistrals looked at each other. Shock and surprise were on their faces. Then Daos started to chuckle. "Yes! Even if he did live this long he would be an old man. All we have to do is

"Don't you understand!" snapped Arek. "You lost! Not because of Maxim and his companions, nor because of the Dual Blade! You lost because it was our time! Can you not feel the emptiness of this place!"

"What do you mean by 'our time'?" asked Amon.

"We all knew the question was 'Who should rule? Man or Sinitrals?' The question should have been, 'Is it our time to move on?'" explained Arek.

Before anyone could reply, Arek ordered, "You are all still disoriented. After you are all rested up we shall talk some more. Erim when you are ready come see me in the throne room."

"Yes Master," said Erim.

"I am no longer that except in regards to my destiny," said Arek. He left them while the Four Sinistrals absorbed what was revealed to them.


While still somewhat drained, Erim needed to get out of the room. She needed to move. "Where are you going?" asked Gades.

"For a walk," said Erim. "Just need to stretch my legs." She noticed that Gades questions had nothing to do about her well being. As if a door had been slightly cracked open she realized that none them truly cared for her except for her ability to their physical bodies intact in the world of man. Erim pushed the thought aside thinking that she was acting foolish.

Walking along the empty corridors she remembered when it was full of busy life. Here Sinistral rule was absolute. 'So where is everyone?' she asked herself.

Erim decided to go back to her own room for a awhile then go see Master Arek. That was another thing that bothered her. He seemed different somehow. He seemed sad that he lost something important and at the same time happy. What did he mean that he was no longer Master? He was the most powerful of all the Sinistrals. The only reason Arek did not go to the world of man was because if he fought they would have won for sure, but there would nothing to rule over except a destroyed world.

In her private chambers, Erim was pleased to see everything was as she left it even after ninety years. Erim shuddered as she thought of those missing years. For Sinistrals, time did not exist. Those ninety years would not have been even a blink of an eye and she was still bothered by that. "Still disoriented," she muttered.

Even though she and the others had reformed with the battle outfits they were wearing, Erim still wanted to wear some different clothes. She passed her mirror and saw her reflection. "What the?!" she cried out. Her hair in the reflection was green instead of blue. She was also wearing a different outfit. As a matter of fact it was a different person. Erim raised her arm the refection did the same. She touched the refection with her forefinger and whipered, "Who are you?"

The refection smiled slightly even though Erim did not. "Iris and. . .you," answered the reflection. "You must decide who you are Erim if you are to ever know peace. My question to you Erim is who do you want to be?"

Erim made a choking sound then passed out.


Just as Erim entered her room, the other three Sinistrals laid in their beds while talking. "Now what?" asked Gades.

"Good question," replied Amon. He looked at Daos. "What do we do now? We lost!"

Daos looked at the other two. He was their leader and it was high time he started acting like it. "The first thing we do is wait."

Amon and Gades looked at each other then at Daos. Before they could reply Daos said, "Before you object, listen. We still don't know what is happening. Arek is acting strange and until we find out what happened to the rest of our people we don't do anything for right now."

Gades laughed. "Now you discover patience Daos! A little bit too late for that!"

Daos got up out of his bed. "What do you mean by that Gades!"

"What I mean by that is we should have waited until later," replied Gades. "Instead of going around threatening people like we usually do we should have waited for the right time and gone straight for Shuman Island! There you could have laid claim to the Dual Sword, Daos!"

Daos' hands were charged with dark energy. "Don't ever mention that damnable sword in my presence Gades!"

Gades smiled back at Daos. "Or what Daos? You are going to show me terror?" Gade mock shuddered and said, "Oh I'm scared!"

Before the situation could become anymore volatile, Amon said, "Enough! So we lost! It is was bound to happen sooner or later and it happened sooner! We have more important things to worry about than Arek or our people!"

"What is more important than what Arek is planning and the fate of our people?" asked Daos.

"Gades brought it up earlier. Something is wrong with Erim. I know there is," said Amon.

"She went through a lot. I would hazard a guess it is not easy for her to keep our bodies together in the world of Man," said Gades.

Daos rubbed his chin in thought. Gades could be right. No there was something else. He thought of that woman who assisted Maxim. Could it be possible? No never not her. And yet. . . "Gades," he said. "That human lackey of yours that was killed by Dekar, didn't he mention something about some green haired woman?"

"Oh him," replied Gades. "Yeah I remember him mentioning her. At first I though he was lying to cover his mistakes. I discovered as I walked though towns in disguise to pick targets that he was speaking the truth. I tried to search for her but never found any trace of her."

The same thought came to Amon. "Don't be ridiculous Daos. She would never do anything like that."

"Would she now?" asked Daos. "I remember certain times when Erim would tell me she had errands to run on behalf of Arek. Should vanish for a few days then return as if nothing had happen. Yet that one time she seemed. . .troubled. I believe it was when we destroyed one of the human's towns."

"Are you saying that green haired woman and Erim are one in the same?" asked Gades. "It is coincidence, nothing more!"

"Is it Gades?" asked Daos. "I will bet if we compared the times of the green haired woman's appearances and Erim's errand running we find a match."

Amon shuddered in his bed. "Daos," he said very carefully. "This is Erim we are talking about. We know what her true powers are like even if she doesn't. If we push to hard we may find ourselves facing a true death."

Daos smiled at the other two Sinistrals. "One thing I realized about power is this. It can be given and it also can be taken away. Think about it, if Arek and Erim have betrayed us then we shall take their power from them. Think about it, the power of Erim running through us. Never again would we have to fear losing our physical bodies again."

"And if Erim is fine?" asked Gades.

Amon answered before Daos. "Simple, we keep on using her without her ever knowing how powerful she truly is."


It was a subtle change in the energy patterns that was caused by both Sinistral and Human emotions. It was too faint for the other three Sinistrals to pick up on and Arek thought it was one of the others returning from wherever they went. Yet it was the wave of confusion and panic that made him realize that the source was from within the castle.

Arek teleported to the source and discovered the cause that even took him, the most powerful Sinistral, by surprise. On the floor laid Erim and her hair was fluctuating between blue and green. Arek gently picked her up and placed her on her bed. Scanning her energy, he discovered such conflicting energy patterns that he never witnessed before. "Erim," he whispered. "Erim are you alright?"

Erim's eyes opened and yet they were not hers. "No Master Arek it is not Erim but I."

"Who are you?" asked Arek. She seemed so familiar yet he could not place her.

"Do you not remember the guise Erim wore while she observed for you? Do you not remember Iris?" she asked.

"Iris. . .that is impossible!" said Arek.

"Unfortunately it is Arek," said Iris. "The mission to just observe had caused a great conflict in Erim. What was buried when she became a Sinistral started to resurface and she started to gradually change as she remembered who she was as she observed Maxim's hopes and dreams and the destruction caused by the her fellow Sinistrals. At the end of the final conflict she almost became as she once was but the shock and destruction of her physical body caused a split in her emotions. All of her hope, love, and faith in that which is good merged and became a separate entity in her mind. I, Iris awoke as it were as a living being inside of her."

"What have I done?" whispered Arek. "If I had known this would happen to her I would never would sent her to the world of Man. She was not prepared."

"At that time no Sinistral was Arek," said Iris. Her voice was full of light sadness. "If only this had happened now maybe things would have been different." Iris looked at Arek. "From what I can see from Erim's memories, you have changed in some way also Master Arek."

"Yes," admitted Arek. "When Erim was alone and away from the others she would report to me. What she told me and what I in turn told the others that once lived here in the castle. That had changed us once again. The old memories came back and we gradually became in mind at least what we once were."

"Yes I see from her memories that this empty place was once full of life," said Iris. "What happened to them?"

"They went away like those who created the Dual Blade and the armor that went with it," answered Arek. "Something we should have done at the start except we had cast out emotions such as love, but it seems we were given a second chance. They have gone to the stars above to live. How they are doing is something that I do not even know. When things are resolved here, you, the other Sinistrals and I will seek them out to join them. I often feel their presence brushing against my mind so finding them will not be to hard. First thing we have to do though is help Erim."

"I can help her," said Iris. "It will not be easy. I have to help her face her old self. To see the truth about herself if she is ever to know peace."

"What can I do to help?" asked Arek.

"Do not let the other three know about this," answered Iris. "You know as well as I do the potential in Erim even if she does not. If they were to find out the consequences would be dire."

"I understand," said Arek. "I don't think they would do anything. . .foolish while I am here."


It was an accident more than anything. Amon was going to his own room when he passed Erim's room. He felt the presence of both Arek and Erim. It was Erim's presence that made him stop. Taking a risk Amon went into Erim's room. Arek was so busy with Erim that he did not pick up Amon's presence. Amon stood just outside Erim's room and heard the whole conversation between the two. Amon quickly left just as Arek said, "I understand." Amon's was angry at what he heard. Betrayed by their own leader! Amon knew Daos would not like this at all.

He found Gades in his own room and asked where Daos was. Together the two of them went to find Daos. When they found him he was not happy at what Amon revealed. "That lying bastard!" he yelled. "He never cared if we won or not! None of them did! We were used the whole damn time!"

Gades had his sword drawn and the tip of the blade touching the floor. He was gripping and twisting the hilt so hard it was a surprise he did not break it. "Now what Daos?" he asked.

Daos smiled in a way that sent chills down both Amon and Gades. He did not become the Sinistral of Terror for nothing. "I did a little research just before you both came here. I discovered something very interesting about the Sinistrals and the Ancients who came before us. It seem that it is possible for two or more people to temporarily merge into one being. Their power would be increased almost one hundred fold. If the three of us were able to do so then we could destroy Arek and take Erim's power for ourselves."

Gades eyed Daos. "How safe is this? I mean wouldn't we lose our identity or could one of us well say try to take over the other two personalities?"

Amon turned his attention to Daos. "He does have a point Daos. I know your history how you ascended. Didn't you betray your teacher and master like we about to betray Arek and Erim? I have the feeling you will be the one in control while we are merged. I know if I was I would be tempted to take yours and Gades' power. And I am sure Gades feels the same way."

"You would be destroyed if you tried," said Daos. "Not by me or Gades, nor by a joint retaliation from the both of us while merged. It is also written that at one time during such a merge that one the people in the group got greedy. The reaction by the new being had caused the traitor not only to be expelled but also instantly killed. That particular merging was done by the Ancients. We all know that Ancients make us look like weakling humans."

"So it is all or nothing," said Gades.

"Exactly," said Daos.

"So be it," said Amon.

"So be it," said Gades.

"So be it," said Daos.


While Arek kept his vigil over Erim and the other three Sinistrals prepared their traitorous act, Erim slept in a near coma like state and dreamed a dream that was both reality and a dream. Arek was concerned because Erim was shaking and sweating in such a way he was surprised she had not released any energy.



You are Life!

I am Death!

You are not Death! You are Life!

No I am Death! I am a taker of Life!

Why do you lie to yourself!

I do not lie to myself for it is the truth!

Have you ever spread death?

Yes, plenty of times!

Then tell me, show me!

I-I can't!

Then be truthful about yourself! You are not Death!

I am being truthful! I am the Sinistral of Death!

'Death' is just a title!

No! It is who I am!

You are Life even though you do not realize it!

How can I be Life when I have caused Death?

You have never caused Death! Death was a title thrust upon you!

I willingly took that title! It was never forced upon me!

Who are you then?

I am Erim, the Sinistral of Death! Who are you?!

I am Iris!

Impossible! You were a disguise I created!

True! I was just a disguise, but as you remembered your life before becoming a Sinistral your feeling of love, hope, and peace started to resurface! Do you not remember just before the end and you helped Maxim by telling him how to destroy Doom Island?!

I-I remember. . .but why did I?

Because you were becoming that woman you were once were! Yet when your physical body was lost and the shock had caused the love, hope, and peace to make me become real! For both of our sakes we must be willing to become that woman you were once more!

No! This is a lie! I am a Sinistral! I can not be sick neither in body nor mind!

Then why!

Why this is happening I don't know!

Not that why! This why! Why did you send Maxim and Selan to the Mirror of Truth?! When you and the others attempted one last strike why did you only strike at Selan?!

Because she was the enemy I wanted to cause a rift between her and Maxim!


That was it! I figured if I caused him harm on that level he would not be able to survive the battles with the other Sinistrals!

What else!

There was no other reason!

You hated Selan!

I hated them all!

But you hated her in particular!

No!. . .Yes!


. . .


. . .

You were jealous weren't you?

Yes damn you I was!

You were in love with Maxim weren't you!

. . .

Weren't you!

Damn you to hell! Yes! I admit it! I was in love with him!

Then honor him Erim. Please for both his sake and yours become the woman you once were.

I can't Iris.


I am scared.

I know Erim. I am also for I loved him.

What will happen to us Iris?

I do not know that either Erim.

Will you be with me no matter what?

Yes. Now tell me why you have changed your mind.

Because. . .because I want to love again.

That is all I need to know.

Erim woke up and the next thing she knew she was in a nightmare.


It was such surprise to Arek that he did not even feel it coming. One moment he was watching Erim and the next she vanished in a flash of light. Then a hideous laugh filled the bedroom. The laugh was so horrible that even the bravest man's hair would turn white and he would age many years. But Arek was no ordinary man, nor was he an ordinary Sinistral. He recognized the owner of the hideous laugh. "Daos! What is the meaning of this!" demanded Arek.

"Come to the throne room Master," said Daos.

Arek ignored the insulting use of the word master. Arek then teleported to just outside the throne room. He was not foolish enough to pop into a trap. He knew Daos well enough that he was up to no good. Daos was the Sinistral of Chaos. What Daos did not know about Arek was that he also long ago had a title like that. Arek's eyes glowed red and he entered the throne room promising he would show Daos true terror.

Inside Erim was sitting on the throne tied and gagged by strong material the Sinistrals used for rope. She tried to struggle but could not. On each side of the throne Gades and Amon stood guard while Daos stood in front. "So the user has come," hissed Daos.

"Untie her now!" demanded Arek. His voice was so loud and powerful that the windows shattered and age old dust from the ceiling fell to the floor.

Gades and Amon took a step back. Both were wondering if this was such a good idea. Daos instead took a step forward. "We answer to no one Arek! No longer will you tell us what to do! You shall use us no more!"

"What do you mean traitor," said Arek.

"Why do you send to the world of Man?!" yelled Daos.

"To be judged!" said Arek. "You all knew that when agreed to it! I nor anyone else twisted your arms!" Arek's voice then softened. "End this now please. Come with me and join the rest of our people. Remember who you once were before you changed. The others and I found out that these powers we have are not worth it if we cannot love."

Daos smiled. "Oh former master you do not understand. What need is there for such pitiful things like love when we have power?"

Arek did not answer but instead said, "Amon, Gades, do you both feel the same as Daos?"

"Yes," said both Sinistrals.

"Enough of this prancing around!" yelled Daos. "Gades, Amon, destroy that fool!"

Gades charged Arek with his sword ready to swing and Amon readied a power spell that had destroyed towns in the world of Man. Gades was only a few steps from Arek, when Arek said, "Like all of us I to can claim to a title that strikes fear into the heart my foes! For I am Arek the Sinistral of Hell!"

Gades tried to cleave Arek down the center, but Arek grabbed his sword hand and twisted. Gades yelled as his arm snapped. Arek then grabbed Gades by the neck and threw him out a open window, his body now broken and shattered against the cliffs that held the great castle.

Amon fired his spell and Arek held up his right hand. The spelled stopped just before Arek. With a wave of his other hand the spell dissolved into the air. "Foolish, foolish Amon," said Arek. "You had so much potential, but for the benefit of both Man and our own people you will never see it." Arek looked at Amon with red glowing eyes. Amon screamed as his power left his body from his eyes and mouth. After a minute Amon's shell of a body fell over, smoke coming out what was once his eyes and mouth.

"You Daos," said Arek. "Do you still wish to be as foolish as those you command?"

Daos replied with a yell and like Gades, he charged Arek. "If there is a God," said Arek. "Then may have mercy on your black soul." Then Daos the most powerful of Sinistrals next to Arek, exploded in a ball of light.

Arek wasted no time and went to Erim. He snapped the ropes that bound her and held her carefully. "Are you alright Erim?" he asked.

"No," answered Erim. "I feel so weak. I-I think they did something to me."

Before Arek could reply he felt a change in energy. Before he could turn, Gades grabbed him by the shoulder and flipped him onto the floor.


Erim looked in horror as Gades appeared from nowhere and grabbed Arek and flipped him. "How!" demanded Arek as he instantly got up.

"We borrowed some power from Erim," said Amon. "We three Sinistrals are now truly immortal."

Daos reappeared in a flash of light. "Arek you are now finished! From now on it will be just the three of us who will rule the world of Man!"

"Never," said Arek. "No matter how long it takes I will kill you over and over. Even if we are trapped here until the end of eternity."

"Actually I think it will be only a few minutes," said Gades. "Ready Daos and Amon?"

"Yes," said Amon.

"Yes," said Daos. "Now we become one!"

Light emitted from the three Sinistrals as they there bodies merged. Arek knew what was happening and he doubted he could defeat them in this form. Yet is was never said that Arek was a quitter. Arek released so much power that it would have destroyed half of the world of Man. The blast hit the amalgam square in the chest. The shockwave caused Erim to fall from the floor breaking her back and the walls and ceiling of throne room to be blasted outward into the open air. The amalgam that was Gades, Amon, and Daos did not even budge.

Arek looked from the amalgam to Erim. He hoped she would be able to take back the power that was stolen from her. "Erim! Erim wake up!" But he did not know that she had broken her back from the fall.

The amalgam grabbed Arek and he tried to struggle but he could not. The amalgam smiled at Arek and placed its other hand on Arek's head. Arek screamed as the amalgam started to absorb Arek's power.

As the amalgam absorbed Arek's energy, Erim laid on the floor broken and helpless. 'I can't help him!' she thought. As she was tied to the throne room she realized her true power. It was not of Death, but of Life.

'But we can,' whispered Iris in her mind.

'How?' asked Erim.

'To do what we must. To become whole and who we once were,' answered Iris.

'Will it work?' asked Erim.

'We can try,' answered Iris. 'Are you ready?'

In her mind, Erim reached out and took Iris' hand 'I am ready.'

I am Erim.

I am Iris.

I am Eri.

I am Iri.

I am Er.

I am Ir.

I am E.

I am I.

I am.

I am.

We are one.

We are as we were before we became a Sinitral.

I am. . .Lufia!


It was a flash of light that the amalgam had seen out the corner of its eye. It was all that Arek needed. Drawing upon whatever reserves he had he literally punched a hole into the chest of the amalgam. The amalgam flew apart and sent Arek and the three Sinistrals flying.

"What was that?!" demanded Amon getting up.

"Look at that!" exclaimed Hades pointing to were Erim was.

No longer Erim the Sinistral of Death, but a young Lufia. The young girl looked at the three Sinistrals and was afraid. Daos pointed at her and ordered, "Kill her now!"

Lufia backed away and Arek was afraid of her. He had two choices. Save himself or save the girl. Long ago the choice would have been easy, he would have saved himself. That was no longer the case. He rediscovered how important life and love is. He knew it was so important that he would die for it. With his remaining strength he reached out into the world of Man. He scanned and found what he was looking for. He smiled knowing that they were both about the same age. Behind Lufia a portal opened showing a green field in the world of Man. Lufia was pulled into it. "Follow her!" yelled Daos.

Before Gades or Amon could reach the portal, Arek took his last breath and closed the portal. For now the child, whoever she may be, was safe for now.

Daos went to Arek's corpse and picked it up. "WHERE IS SHE!" he screamed while shaking the corpse. "DAMN YOU AREK WHERE IS SHE!"

"Daos," said Gades. "Arek is dead."

Daos yelled and threw the corpse out of the castle onto the cliffs below. "Damn them all to Hell!" he muttered.

"We haven't lost yet," said Amon.

"Of course we lost!" yelled Daos. "Erim is lost to us!"

"I felt her mind just before she vanished," said Amon. "There is still a very small part of Erim left. When the time is right we can find her and brainwash her making her Erim once again. The best part is that we can even make her forget what has happened."

"We can also go to the world of Man," said Gades realizing a small part of Erim's power still flowed through him. It was not much, but enough to allow them to keep their forms in the world of Man.

Daos' slowly started to smile which was more frightening than his frown. Then he broke out into dark laughter. For Gades, Amon, and himself it was just beginning and the world would soon tremble beneath them.


She awoke in the grassy field and wondered how she got there. She looked around and saw that she was somewhere familiar yet different. She tried to remember how she got to this place, but could not. The only thing she could remember was something scary and her name. She thought of her named and knew it to be Lufia.

Seeing a town in the distance, Lufia started to walk toward it. An hour later she reached the town and entered. She walked toward the inn and saw a red headed boy about her age. He seemed both familiar and yet as a stranger. The boy asked who she was and where her parents were.

"Lufia," she answered. Yet for some reason she could not recall her parents.

The boy then asked, "Where are you from?"

Lufia paused not wanting to answer. She knew it was someplace terrible that she did not want to ever remember. Lufia then had a thought. 'It has been so long since I had fun. I don't know why but it is true. She looked at the boy who was both familiar and a stranger and wondered if he liked to have fun.

Smiling, Lufia did remember from long ago a game she liked to play. "Let's play tag," she said.

The End

Afterwards: Woo-hoo! To use a Selfie quote. Under fifteen pages on this story ;) People talk about originality in RPGs. I remember someone saying that Cloud (FF7) began the psychological bit with RPG characters. I beg to differ. I always found that Lufia was the original mentally ill character. As a matter of fact, both Lufia games started quite a few trends that are only now being used. Such Selan being the first female non-boss character to die and Lufia's mental problems. So I am going to give credit where credit is due. Thank you Taito and Natsume for being original while everyone else is just being copycats! As usual any constructive complaints and praise are always welcome. I'll shut up now.

Lufia and The Fortress of Doom is copyright 1993 Taito

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The Longest Interlude is copyright 2000 Chad Harger

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