Thoughts Of A Demon

[03.23.00] » by Tifa 9

I walked through the dark corridor. I was going to get my revenge on those pesky human Dream Chasers.

As I turned the corner, I found myself infront of a wall, blocking the corridor.

I grinned I guess this is the place

I slid my hand into my trouser pocket and pulled out a black box, which I had been given that morning.

Hmm... now how does this work again...

I blinked, puzzled, at the box for a minute, before grinning recklessly, as I pressed a small red mark on the box and slid it carefully into a gap in the brick wall.

Just gotta wait... I guess...

I only had about ten minutes to wait. I leant against a side of the corridor, absently rubbing the two of my boot along the floor. I gazed at the strange glowing substance on the floor.

"Boring... Boring... Boring...," I spoke out aloud, staring up at the ceiling, still rubbing my boot along the stone floor, the metal tip making a stratching sound.

Suddenly, I was surrounded my a cloud of dust, making my eyes hurt.

They're here, I grinned recklessly again, turning and jumping towards where the wall had been.

Now I'll prove to the others that I'm good enough to become a quarter knight.

I was in a room, lit by an orange glow. In front of me was those Human Dream Chasers. The Eldest one smirked.

"Demons..." He spoke, drawing his sword.

I grinned drawing the 'Doom Bringer' in a flourish, and spoke the first things that came to mind. "Zed, at your service... Thanks for waiting for my friends, they are from Filgaia. Let the execution begin. I'm up and totally ready to go dude!"

The female sighed, "Here we go again!"

I spoke again, waving by free hand in the air dramatically, "You're the fool who thinks he is a match for me! This time, it's going to be different. No sunny breakfast for you tomorrow!"

Hmm... breakfast... I'm hungry..., My stomagh rumbled slightly, I prended not to notice it, but the girl giggled silently, receaving a glare from the eldest of the group again.

The three dropped into their fighting positions. As I dodged the eldest human's first attack, I called out, "You can hear the voices of awe! I'm being praised as the best of the best..."

Grinning I turned towards the youngest male, hitting him with my favorite attack 'Garyu Ichimongiri'

This time I'm going to win...

The End

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