Sketch Artist
Chrono Trigger
Title Artist Date
Graceful Goddesses Ronnie Fernandez 02.14.02
The Wicked Queen Zeal Kayin Vanderkill 02.04.02
Insert Hokey Music (Or Screaming Sound Effects) The Spy Kitty 02.04.02
Time's Guardian Lentil 02.05.01
Slash BigBadW4lf 01.21.01
The Dark Prophet Tommy Moo 01.14.01
Cast of Chrono Trigger Lightsoul 12.18.00
Amulet Tania Giroux 12.18.00
Into the Darkness Natalie Goodridge 10.24.00
Ayla kick butt! Tania Giroux 09.26.00
Final Encounter Tu Bui 09.26.00
A Tribute to Akira Reverse Twinky 09.19.00
Marle and Lucca Joel Cresencia 09.19.00
Mini Me Annie Felis 09.19.00
Made for each other Lord Itlan 09.19.00
Prettyboy Cantatrix 09.02.00
Schala Annie Felis 07.10.00
Look At the Size of Those...Pterodactyls! Lord Itlan 06.13.00
Schala and Magus Pamela Ramali 06.13.00
Magus Minmei 11.05.99
Magus Annie Felis 10.21.99
Janus with his Kitty Alfador, Mew! Alaer Kino 10.12.99
Princess of Guardia Nadia 06.27.99
I Have a Prom Date pulpy 05.18.99
Ayla Redmond Brady 05.14.99
She's a Guy! Pamela Ramali 04.30.99
Crono Laura 04.27.99
When the Black Wind Howls Pamela Ramali 04.23.99
don't forget me, please pulpy 02.01.99
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