03.28.01 Kingdom Hearts hands-on impressions
    A giant Keyblade with a Mickey Mouse fob chain. Donald Duck and Aerith conversing in fully-voiced Japanese. Summoning Bambi. We have stared into the heart of madness and returned to tell the tale.
09.22.01 Square reveals TGS line-up, WonderSwan screenshots
    Which is stranger -- Kingdom Hearts or All Star Pro Wrestling?
09.17.01 Kingdom Hearts to include Final Fantasy characters
06.23.01 Kingdom Hearts interview details
    To include the Square all-stars?
05.17.01 E3: First screens, artwork, and information on Kingdom Hearts
   Square's "Disney RPG" combines Nomura-designed Disney characters with traditional characters, worlds.
05.17.01 E3: Kingdom Hearts revealed
   First details on the new RPG from Square and Disney.
05.14.01 Square's Disney game at E3?
   Tetsuya Nomura's Disney-based RPG seems set to debut Thursday.
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