07.29.99 Legend of Mana release date moved up
   Ugly trend of releasing games "because they're ready" continues.
07.29.99 Legend of Mana is no secret
   Square's Legend of Mana pushes past 400,000 units sold in the first week of retail release.
07.14.99 Legend of Mana mod chip protection codes
   Game Shark codes necessary to play title on chipped systems revealed.
07.13.99 Three Square translations confirmed
   Legend of Mana, Dewprism, and Chrono Cross all U.S.-bound.
06.26.99 Legend of Mana demos revealed?
   Preliminary reports from Japan solidify four demo titles, including "Chrono Cross."
06.25.99 New Legend of Mana gameplay information
   Monster raising and weapon making to be featured in action RPG sequel.
06.16.99 Legend of Mana US release not confirmed yet
   But it's getting better!
06.10.99 Mana to include four demos
   Square's sequel in the Secret of Mana series will include four playable demos from upcoming games, according to Magic Box.
05.26.99 Square announces Dew Prism
   Action RPG to have demo packaged with Legend of Mana.
03.12.99 New Square RPG revealed
   The GIA has the first pictures of Square's latest RPG -- and fans of Seiken Densetsu are sure to be pleased.
Legend of Mana