12.20.01 Magical Vacation hands-on impressions
   The Griswolds missed out on this vacation, but we didn't. Take a peek at the GIA's travel guide to Brownie Brown's first title..
05.16.01 E3: Nintendo publishing Magical Vacation in North America
   Game Boy Advance action RPG finds a North American publisher. New screens inside.
05.08.01 Magical Vacation gameplay details, screens
   New gameplay information and 3 new screens of Brownie Brown's "communication RPG."
01.16.01 Final GBA hardware colors and new screens
   See the colors available at the GBA's Japanese launch and take a new look at a half-dozen RPGs in development for the system.
06.08.00 Ex-Secret of Mana developers join Nintendo
   New development house to create a networked RPG for the Game Boy Advance.
Magical Vacation