Parallel Universe   

Greetings and welcome to the holiday season!

It's been that awful time of year here at university called "last week of class" - aka an excuse for every teacher to dump a project worth half my semester grade on my head. fun!

Now that we're moving into finals/concerts time, I've actually got time to breathe...well, until I decide to brave the stores for Christmas shopping. Maybe I'll just do all my shopping online this year...

At any rate, enjoy today's stories - they're a really fantastic bunch. Some of the in-depth character studies and even the humourous pieces made me remember why I love being a part of fanfics so much.

Realizing that now might be a good time to get rid of those Thanksgiving leftovers,

Date Title Game Author Genre
11.30.00 Unity Final Fantasy VI Kirkis Serious
11.30.00 Rude Club Final Fantasy VII Negative Creep Comic
11.30.00 Defeat Legend of Dragoon Sir Laguna Serious
11.30.00 Silent Knight Final Fantasy VIII Luke Taylor Serious
11.30.00 Sins of the Father Final Fantasy VII Cloud Serious
11.30.00 The Thief's Tale Final Fantasy VI Margaret Rennie Serious
11.30.00 Chaos Final Fantasy V/Final Fantasy VI Gabe Colbaugh Serious
11.30.00 Reveal Me Chrono Cross Nik Serious
11.30.00 Eyes of Reflection Final Fantasy VI Midnite Angel Aeris Serious
11.30.00 Glass Tears Final Fantasy VII Rivven Serious
11.30.00 Mission Final Fantasy VIII Negative Creep Serious
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