Parallel Universe

Not too many stories today, but the ones here are really well-written and original. Creativity is always a plus when writing fanfics! I'm sure not everyone has realized that this section is back up and running, so spread the word, those of you that know.

And just one thing - please don't send me your fanfics in the body of your email. It makes the entire process so much longer for me than it can be, and makes getting updates done harder. Thanks.

I envy those of you who get to go home for Thanksgiving...but hey, I might be spending New Years in New Orleans thanks to a Hurricanes Bowl game...

Wishing the semester was over,

Date Title Game Author Genre
11.07.00 Alone Final Fantasy VIII Astarte Serious
11.07.00 Endless Final Fantasy VIII Astarte Serious
11.07.00 Architect Of My Own Destruction Final Fantasy VII Astarte Serious
11.07.00 The Promise Of Idiocy Final Fantasy VIII XMagicalX Comic
11.07.00 All Along the Watchtower Final Fantasy VII Negative Creep Serious

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