Parallel Universe

Well, here I am sitting in the jam-packed media room at E3, and I thought I'd take a break from the show and read some fanfics. Be aware these are just what's on my disc - I haven't checked my mail since I left Miami, so if you've sent me anything, it's waiting for when I return home.

I have a huge list of games I can't wait for - Rhapsody, Chrono Cross, Legend Of Mana, Lunar2, more Pokeémon, and, of course, FFIX. I just get all tingly thinking about new games...

You probably didn't need to know that, did you? Well, more new authors today, though Loa returns from a brief hiatus with an absolutely marvelous Suikoden story.

Awaiting summer with arms outstretched,


Fanfics of the Week
Title Game Author
Dragons Cry Suikoden Marlone
Choices Suikoden Loa
Shades Cast LoK: Soul Reaver Morrigan
The Claiming Of Shiva Final Fantasy VIII Kate Lorraine
The Witness Xenogears Alex Weitzman
Cid Gainsborough Final Fantasy VII Alex Weitzman
Friends Final Fantasy VII Alex Weitzman
Ascention Xenogears Phil R-A
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