Parallel Universe

Firstly, thanks everyone for the kind comments on April Fool's Day - I appreciate it. Also, for those who asked, Jellybean is an old nickname from childhood, and no, I won't tell you why. You'll just have to wonder.

David's brought us two short pieces in his attempt to show something from "the other side", while Nightsong contributes two poems to our update, thankfully adding to Lunar's page. Newcomer Victoria adds a game to our roster with her Brigandine fic, and Middletails adds to one of my favorite categories with her Suikoden story staring a somewhat lesser "hero".

Though we have no FF7 fics today (JOY!), we do have another FFT satire from Minimog, and a really beautifully written piece on one of my personal favorite characters, by Mintbaby. Rounding out this very varied update is a very detailed, albeit mysterious, look into Krelian courtesy of Mess.

Is it May yet?

Always Dreaming,


Fanfics of the Week
Title Game Author
The Search Chrono Trigger David Schwager
Be Careful Of Dreams Final Fantasy VIII David Schwager
A Question of Loyalties Brigandine Victoria "Wallwalker" Hobbs
PO Box A.L.E.N. Suikoden Middletails
Schooling With Daravon Final Fantasy Tactics Minimog
Terra Final Fantasy VI Mintbaby
The Premier of Vane Lunar: Silver Star Story Nightsong
Fallen Zeal Chrono Trigger Nightsong
Genesis Xenogears Mess
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