Schooling With Daravon

[04.08.00] » by Minimog



"Good day class. Today we will be learning about shields" Said Professor Daravon, as he entered the room.

"But sir, we learned about shields last week!" Said a student. He was right. "Last week you said that we would learn about swords this week."

"Oh, yes. You or right Tom. Off course. My, am I forgetful." He replied

"Uh, right sir."

"Anyway, swords are very important. Unless you are a squire, knight, or a geomancer, you cannot equip a sword. Unless off course you have the ability sword-wearable."

"Isn’t that ‘equip sword’ sir?"

"Oh, yes. My mistake."

"Uh, sir," Said a guy, who was clutching his stomach. "My stomach hurts. Can I go to the nurse?"

"OK. I’ll come with you. Everyone else, gaze at the swords as if you were interested at them."

"Uh, sir, isn’t that ‘interested in them’?" Said Tom.

"Sure, Tom, sure." Another student said. Daravon and the guy made it to the hospital wing, without the boy throwing up.

"This guy are sick. Make sure he gets better." Said Daravon.

"Uh, s-sir," Said the guy, still clutching his stomach. "Is that correct gram-"

"Don’t say that word!" Yelled Daravon. "It’s nonsense. Complete nonsent." He said as he left the room. He came back to the classroom well enough.

"Um, sir?" Said Tom. "Are we going to use the swords today?"

"Not until tomorrow. Which by the way, class dismissed."

"Uh, sir,"

"What now?"

"It’s only been ten minutes of class. We have a lot more time."

"Well, go anyway."

"Any homework sir?"

"No. But do buy themselves a sword."

"You mean ‘yourself’, sir?"

Daravon paused. "Just go."

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