Parallel Universe

In like a lion, out like a lamb? Nay, I think it should be the other way. ^____^

I wanted to let all you sweet and wonderful people know that this job is very veeeeeery stressful on me, so I've decided to hire a few assistants. Be very assured they underwent a really hard hard interview to get this position, and I really really want you to congratulate them all personally!

Lisa -

Murdy -

Knarf -

Dani -

Marle69 -

Nerak -

Dart -

KawaiiKoolio -

SodaPop -

Bastian -

DaisyChild -

Sivart -

FigNewton -

SetagLlib -

Next, I hate to throw a temper tantrum on such a NICE day >________< but you people can't send me files unless they are in HTML format. NO TEXT! NO DOC! NO RTF! I'll DELETE them on sight! so there.

I'm done being mad now. ^____~ So, anyways, the stories today are really kawaii!! We've got a bunch of really great returning authors with some insightful looks into really cool and fun and interesting people in games we all love so much so hurry up and go read them and don't forget to smile and have a nice day!


Fanfics of the Week
Title Game Author
Moonlight Suikoden Tamzen Marie Baker
Demons Final Fantasy VII Kathryn
Kain, Kain, the Killing Machine Final Fantasy IV Chad Harger
A Final Fantasy Memorial Day Final Fantasy VII Fritz Fraundorf
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