05.18.01 E3: Grandia II confirmed for PS2
Ubi Soft to publish the highly-regarded Dreamcast RPG on Sony's console.
05.08.01 Grandia II coming to PlayStation 2
Possible release date of December 2001.
12.05.00 Grandia II ships
A grand sequel hits store shelves.
05.26.00 Grandia II gets a Japanese release date
Isn't that grand?
05.11.00 E3: UbiSoft aquires rights to US Grandia 2, not Eidos
Ubi Soft confirms their rights to the title with a press release, and lets the first plot details slip as well.
01.25.99 Grandia 2 goes two-player
Game Arts's upcoming sequel will make use of the Dreamcast modem.
Grandia II