Sketch Artist
Zelda: The Ocarina of Time
Title Artist Date
"Er... Can't we be just friends...?" Red Leader 02.05.01
Saria and Link Pamela Ramali 07.10.00
Happy Thoughts Xellos_Rogue 07.10.00
First Look Claire Schumacher 12.25.99
Hold Fast to the Dream Kate Sith 12.07.99
Link Stéphane 09.24.99
By Starlight Carrie 09.03.99
Link Bryce Bartley 08.03.99
Cute Lil Couple Rinoa Z 07.08.99
Gerudo Guard Pamela Ramali 06.01.99
Swimming, Anyone? Rochelle 05.25.99
The Princess of Destiny Pamela Ramali 04.27.99
Ganon NextMan 04.23.99
Trouble in the fields NextMan 04.06.99
Come to me... Hydrachild 02.04.99
Lollin' About Kei 02.01.99
Fire Beast Petra Rödig 01.26.99
Ganon's Triumph Tom A. Szakolczay 01.10.99
A Portrait of Link Petra Rödig 01.10.99
A Jump Into Freedom Petra Rödig 12.24.98
Link & Zelda Tania Giroux 11.29.98
Link on Horseback Petra Rödig 11.29.98
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