Sketch Artist
Petra Rödig
Date Title Game
11.05.99 Jurassic Fantasy 8 Final Fantasy VIII
10.31.99 Vulnona Pokémon
10.31.99 Pika, Pika! Pokémon
10.27.99 Back to the Planet Final Fantasy VII
10.27.99 Cerberos Final Fantasy VIII
10.27.99 Pokémon, Team Rocket, and me Pokémon
10.12.99 Beautiful creature, deadly song Final Fantasy VIII
10.01.99 Meowth Screensaver Pokémon
10.01.99 Odoryuk Wild Arms
08.20.99 Young'n Wild Breath of Fire 3
08.20.99 Want me to pierce you? Breath of Fire 3
08.20.99 Black Sun Final Fantasy VII
08.10.99 My Big Friend Breath of Fire 3
08.06.99 Meet the Family Breath of Fire Series
08.06.99 Jenova's Inheritance Final Fantasy VII
08.03.99 Veni, veni, venias; ne me mori facias Final Fantasy VII
08.03.99 Methamorphosis Final Fantasy VII
07.30.99 Holidays at Costa Del Sol Final Fantasy VII
07.26.99 Gremio Suikoden
06.30.99 Playing Cubs Final Fantasy VII
06.30.99 Untitled Final Fantasy VII
06.27.99 Red Loves You Final Fantasy VII
06.27.99 The Mighty Seto Final Fantasy VII
06.04.99 Patty, the Phantom Thief Breath of Fire 2
06.04.99 Cursed Bloodlines Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
06.04.99 Venus Weed Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
06.01.99 Monster Tamer Azure Dreams
06.01.99 Dragon's Prayer Breath of Fire 2
06.01.99 A. F. Tepes Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
06.01.99 Hell's Guardian Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
05.28.99 "What's That?" Final Fantasy VII
05.21.99 Summertime Breath of Fire 3
05.21.99 Sleepy young Rei Breath of Fire 3
05.18.99 ... there's no other choice... Breath of Fire 3
05.18.99 A Friendship's End Breath of Fire 3
04.13.99 Hanpan Wild Arms
04.13.99 Leader of the Liberation Army Suikoden
04.13.99 Dragon's Flight Suikoden
04.06.99 Felicia Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
04.06.99 From Watermia to Euro Illusion of Gaia
04.06.99 Black Dragon Breath of Fire II
04.06.99 "...guess I caused trouble..." Breath of Fire III
04.06.99 The taste of blood Breath of Fire III
02.16.99 Destined Child Breath of Fire II
02.01.99 Imminent Execution Final Fantasy VII
01.29.99 Freedan Illusion of Gaia
01.26.99 Fire Beast Zelda 64
01.21.99 Nanaki, son of Seto Final Fantasy VII
01.21.99 Red XIII Final Fantasy VII
01.19.99 The Beautiful Face of Evil Final Fantasy VII
01.10.99 A Portrait of Link Zelda 64
01.03.99 Transformation Breath of Fire II
12.27.98 Sweet Dreams Bust-a-Move 3 DX
12.24.98 A Jump Into Freedom Zelda 64
12.17.98 Katt Breath of Fire II
12.17.98 Eagle Magic Knight Rayearth
12.13.98 Fire Dragon Secret of Mana
11.29.98 Sephiroth Final Fantasy VII
11.29.98 Brian Quest 64
11.29.98 Lavaar Quest 64
11.29.98 Hero vs. Ice Dragon Secret of Mana
11.29.98 Link on Horseback Zelda 64
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