08.03.00 Release date mania!
   Several titles arrive at concrete release dates.
04.21.00 Famitsu rates Breath of Fire IV, Evergrace, Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
   Three titles receive combined score of 96. Look inside for the game-by-game breakdown!
04.09.00 Tokyo Game Show 2000: Booth impressions
   See what the GIA thought of the various shows and booths put forth by various companies at the spring 2000 TGS.
03.24.00 Eternal Ring, Evergrace U.S.-bound?
   Agetec will likely bring both of the PlayStation 2's first RPGs to North America.
03.15.00 Evergrace release date
   From Software's latest RPG will ship in Japan next month.
02.19.00 Playstation Festival 2000 impressions
   General overview of titles on display at the festival.
11.17.99 Evergrace jumps to PlayStation 2
   From Software cancels the PlayStation version of its upcoming action RPG.
10.11.99 From Software announces Evergrace
   Breaking away from King's Field's first-person gameplay, From Software introduces a medieval third-person action RPG.