05.26.01 New Devil May Cry details, Japanese release date
   Capcom explains how you'll run DMC.
05.17.01 E3: Devil May Cry impressions
   Be cool.
05.16.01 E3: Capcom announces release dates, more
   Breath of Fire, Maximo, more confirmed for U.S. release.
04.07.01 Devil May Cry hands-on impressions
   Is Capcom finally breaking away from the Survival Horror formula? Find out with the GIA's detailed impressions, then take a look at 69 screenshots and 4 gameplay movies of the newest game from the creator of Resident Evil.
12.20.00 Devil May Cry demo with Code: Veronica?
   A playable version of Shinji Mikami's next game may be included with the re-release of his last.
11.16.00 Capcom announces The Devil May Cry
   Resident Evil producer begins work on the next generation of survival horror.
Devil May Cry