06.17.99 Star Ocean 2 calendars
    Looking for new wallpaper? Tri-Ace might have the solution.
06.08.99 Star Ocean: The Second Story shipped
    Enix's sequel to one of the most popular Japanese RPGs of all time has now shipped to retailers.
03.24.99 Grandia, Star Ocean 2 US release dates
    Nationwide retailer Babbage's claims Sony has slated two of Japan's hottest RPGs for summer release dates.
03.12.99 Another Star Ocean 2 confirmation
    Latest word puts Enix's RPG on track for a June release.
12.14.98 Star Ocean II joins RPG flood
    With a plethora of role-playing games shaping up for 1999, Sony signs on to port Star Ocean: Second Story. Could Dragon Quest VII be far behind?
Star Ocean 2