02.26.99 Edea's parade (4 movies) More media

   Still on the first disc, Edea's parade is a fantastic sequence of events and movies which only begin to touch upon FF VIII's convoluted storyline. If you followed the early plot details prior to the game's release, you've probably got a fairly good idea of what takes place. For those who haven't -- watch out, there's some minor spoilers included! (We've left out the major spoilers. That's what the game is for.)

Edea's parade, part 1
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Edea's parade, part 2
QT3, 256x192, 1.00 MB

Edea's parade, part 3
QT3, 256x192, 1.22 MB

Edea's parade, part 4
QT3, 256x192, 5.19 MB
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